• Name: Andrea Buergers
    Subject: 7th Grade General Music and 8th Grade Exploratory Music
    Email: andrea.buergers@wcsdny.org
    Phone: (845) 227-1700   Ext. 20145

    Welcome to 7th and 8th Grade Music!
    All students should have a 3-Ring Loose Leaf Binder, a zippered pencil case with plenty of sharpened pencils, one blue and one yellow highlighter, and for 7th grade,   a recorder to play  throughout the quarter.  Having these materials will facilitate success in Music Class!
    Daily Teacher Schedule
    Per. 1 -8th Grade Exploratory Music at Wappingers Junior High School
                                                9:15-11:00AM KINDERGARTEN and 2nd Grade Music at Fishkill Plains Elementary School
    Per. 6 - 8th Grade Exploratory Music
    Per. 7 - 7th Grade General Music
    Homework Policy
    Homework should be completed and brought back to the next scheduled music class. Homework will be counted as a quiz grade. If an assignment is missed due to absence, students should  get the assignment when they return to class, complete the assignment at home, and return it during the next class period.
    Grading Policy
    Quiz Average: 50%
    Participation Grade: 50% 
    The quiz average and participation grades are added and then divided by two to get the quarter average. 
    The final year grade is the sum of the four quarterly grades divided by four.
    Participation is evaluated by the following criteria:
    Is the student ready for class with all materials; binder, pencils, and recorder to play?
    Is the student on task?
    Is the student actively contributing to group work?
    Is the student focused and contributing during class discussions.
    Is the student volunteering to help others?
    Is the student making an effort to do his/her very best in class?
    Is the student behaving appropriately and interacting in a courteous and helpful manner with the teacher and his/her classmates?
    Classroom Rules and Expectations
    1. Students should be seated in his/her assigned seat with all materials, and ready to work when the bell rings.
    2. Raise your hand to be recognized.
    3. No inappropriate language
    4. No bullying
    5. No talking when the teacher is speaking.
    6. Be respectful, kind and helpful to classmates.
    7. Follow directions.
    Breaking the rules will result in the following;
    First Time: Verbal Warning
    Second Time: Phone call or E-Mail Home
    Third Time: Written Referral
    September/October 2015
     8th Grade
    Review/Reinforce concepts of notes, duration, and rests. Students will learn the basics of keyboarding to demonstrate knowledge of note values and music notation symbols.
    7th Grade 
    Review/Reinforce concepts of notes, duration, and rests through Rhythm Complex compositions and performance, and Recorder Playing.