los anuncios


    1. Please remember to check the board daily for all homework assignments.  Please write all assignments in your planner at the beginning of each class period (as soon as you enter class). 

    2. Please get all test and quiz grades signed the night they are returned to you!  This counts as part of your homework grade.  You should write the grade and what the grade is specifically for in your planner and have your parents/guardians sign right next to the grade.

    3.  Please remember to complete all "I - re-do" assignments the night you get them back, and hand them in to me the next day to receive credit.  It is up to you to return these assignments to me.

    4. Extra help will be given before and/or after school with an appointment. A signed permission slip indicating who you will be going home with and how you will get there is required.  Without a permission slip, you will have to take the regular bus home.

     5.  ¡Buena suerte en la clase de español!