•                                                                 Kindergarten Supply List-Vassar Elementary

                                                                                2019 - 2020

    • 4 labeled boxes of crayons (24 pack).  We will put three boxes away for later in the year.
    • 20 Sharpened pencils (#2 Ticonderoga pencils are best - to be shared)
    • 30 glue sticks - to be shared
    • 1 - two pocket folder- Please label the inside pocket on the left “Homework” and the right “Mail”.  It will be important to use this for your papers and notes.
    • Fiskar blunt tip scissors
    • A soft, zipper pencil case holding one box of crayons, 2 sharpened pencils, scissors and one of the glue sticks.  The rest of the crayons and glue sticks will be saved for later in the year. Please label the pencil case with the child’s name.
    • One nutritious snack each day with a drink.
    • 3 packages (or refills) of baby wipes (80 count or larger)
    • 3 boxes of Kleenex
    • A backpack without wheels (unless you’ve already bought this or have one from an older child.)  We won’t be sending home anything heavy, but wheeling those backpacks can become a dangerous, noisy sport when we’re trying to get children to their buses.
    • 1 Primary Marble Notebook (**a primary notebook will have the top half of the page blank and the other half will be lined with three lines, 2 solid and the middle one dotted). These can be found at Staples.
    • An extra pair of clothes and underwear to leave at school in case of an accident. (Please label all clothing and place in a labeled bag.)
    • 1 towel to rest on during Quiet Time. Please label the towel and place in a bag. The towel will go home every Friday to be washed and should be returned the following Monday.
    • One set of headphones/earbuds in another labeled Ziploc baggie. Make sure that they fit your child.


    Please label all clothing, backpacks, crayons, jackets, etc. (except items that will be shared) with your child’s name.  This will help the children become responsible for their belongings.

    We are also asking that you remind your child to place papers in the pocket folder.  This will be a good practice to help keep them organized. Please check the folder each night.


    We are very excited about this new beginning and are anticipating a wonderful, happy year!


                                                                                    Kindergarten Teachers