• Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions of students and parents.


    What day do we have Music? - Days 2 & 5

    What day do we have Art? Days 1 & 4

    What day do we have Gym? Days 3 & 6

    What day do we have Computer? Day 

    What day do we have Library? Day 


    Library books MUST be kept in your child's backpack. This way books do not get lost or damaged and we return them on time so your child can take out another book.

    Am I allowed to bring a snack? Where do I keep it?


    Yes, in the Snack Box. It must be a healthy snack! 

    Remember, no snacks with peanuts or peanut products. You may bring a water

    bottle to school. A snack should be something that is small and can be eaten quickly.


    When do we have lunch?

    We have lunch from 11:00-11:45.

    Should I help my child with their homework?


     Homework? There isn't any. Fun projects? Sure! Make it a FAMILY event and work TOGETHER! Collaboration is a key skill to learn! 


    What can I do to help my child in reading?


    It's always a good idea to read every day to your child.  Spending time going

    over the letters and their sounds is also valuable.  Play rhyming games. (How

    many words can you think of that rhyme with cat?)  Always check their reading

    homework and review vocabulary.  Have them read to you.  Help them to figure

    out tricky words by using picture and letter clues -- not by giving them the



    What should I do if my child comes to a word he/she doesn't know?


    Encourage them to use the reading strategies taught.  This includes: Looking

    for picture clue, sounding (tapping with their fingers) out the word,

    skipping over the word to see what would make the most sense, chunking the

    words, and looking at how the word is spelled.