• What will my child learn this year? 

    First grade is a very exciting year!  This is the year your child will learn to

    read and comprehend. Below is an outline of the first grade curriculum aligned to the Common Core standards. 



    Students will......

    * recognize upper and lower case letters

    * identify consonant sounds (beginning, middle, end)

    * recognize and use vowel sounds (long/short) and apply rules

    * use appropriate decoding skills including blends (e.g. br,st) and

    digraphs (e.g. sh, th)

    * use sight word families for word use and spelling (e.g.mat, cat, hat)

    * develop sight vocabulary- words seen often in print (e.g.and, the,


    * use pictures, phonetic and contextual clues to developmeaning

    * read with meaning

    * develop listening skills

    * make comparisons and contrasts



    Students will.........

    * create a story with a beginning, middle and end

    * write stories across different genres (narrative, opinion, informational) 

    * use writing conventions(capitalization/punctuation/grammar)

    * create illustrations to correspond with written words

    * write in complete sentences

    * focus on four different genres of writing (narrative, informational, opinion and research)

    * have exposure to different types of literature



    Students will.........

    *form and use upper and lower case manuscript letters appropriately (e.g. raBBit should be rabbit)

    * spacing



    Students will......... 

    * recognize and write numbers to 120

    * add and subtract facts to 20

    * construct appropriate equations to solve simple written math problems

    * work using rote counting, money,measurement, geometry, graphing and estimation

    * tell time in hour and half hour intervals
    * recognize and identify value of coins

    * begin to understand place value

    * calendar

    * counting by 2's, 5's and 10's

    * patterns

    *repeated addition & sharing equally



    Students will.............

    * understand the makeup of a family unit and how his/her family is part of a community

    * understand the importance of safety as it relates to home and school

    * holidays

    * rules, responsibilities, laws



    Students will.............

    * properties (characteristics for materials such as its shape, size and


    * organizing ourselves to do science investigations

    * investigation of properties of objects

    * states of matter

    * plants and animals (hermit crabs)



    Students will........... 

    *log on and off

    *complete homework assignments and type using Google Classroom, Google docs & more
    *use Nearpod to learn specific content areas

    * become aware of the keyboard

    * use software to reinforce math, reading and writing