• Ms. Maryellen Bova/Mrs. Diane Di Chiara

    Contact Information: Maryellen.Bova@WCSDNY.org


    JJHS English: 897-6700 Ext: 30081

    JJHS SpEd: 897-6700  Ext: 30088


    Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year.  The beginning of the school year is an exciting time, but this year continues to prove we are resilient people who can overcome any obstacle placed in our paths. As students nearing the end of their educational journeys with the WCSD, it is important for you to know that WE remain committed to your learning and will be offering you a variety of ways to learn and demonstrate learning. (Student IEPs are incorporated into the development of all lessons). Most importantly, if there are unique circumstances that interfere with student learning, please contact us so that we can discuss and address appropriately.


    Course Overview: Reading for evidence and writing using evidence are critical skills to be developed.  Close reading skills will be developed through the use of text annotation and literary analysis as will revising and editing skills. Critical thinking skills will be developed through the use of class discussions, presentations, and writing analysis for rhetorical and literary analysis.


    Prerequisite: Successful Completion of English 11


    Google Classroom Code: see teacher                      Remind Code: for students only

    Course Objectives:


    • Learn Text Annotation & Literary Techniques

    • Increase Vocabulary & Grammar Usage

    • Demonstrate Collaboration

    • Enrich Oral Presentations

    • Write Argument-based Essays

    • Read, Write, & Analyze Literature 

    • Identify Rhetorical Analysis & Non-Fiction Writing Modes

    • Develop Critical Thinking, Writing & Reading Skills

    • Create College Essay & Personal Writing Techniques

    • Construct & Develop Journal Writing Skills

    • Develop Proper MLA Usage

    • Critique Research & Write Findings 

    • Partake in Revision & Reflection


    Attendance: A student who is absent on a regular basis will not be successful in learning.   It is important for students to participate and interact with us and each other in order to engage and develop relationships.


    Academic Integrity Policy: Academic honesty is a core value in the WCSD. Work presented as original, must be original. Contributions from others must be cited appropriately in your work. Academic dishonesty will be treated in accordance with WCSD Board of Education policy 4710. Plagiarism is·cheating on quizzes, tests and exams (including the use of any electronic device), copying or collaborating on assignments without teacher permission, creating source material or “works cited” pages, etc.



    Class Assignments, HW, quizzes weighted at 100

    Essays and tests weighted at 200