• The following words are sight words.   These are words that your child will be learning through our Fundations phonics program during the course of their kindergarten year.  Sight words are words that should eventually be recognized and read without any decoding effort. Recognizing sight words will help your child immensely as they are learning to read.  The hope is that BY THE END OF THE YEAR they will recognize them automatically.

    Fundations Sight Words

    Unit 3: 10 words
    WEEK 3:   the   a   and  are  to
    WEEK 4: is   his   
    WEEK 5: as has
    WEEK 6: was
    Unit 4: 8 words
    WEEK 1:   we   she   he  
    WEEK 2:   be   me
    WEEK 3:   I   you  
    WEEK 4:   they
    Unit 5: 9 words
    WEEK 1:   or  for
    WEEK 2:   of  have
    WEEK 3:   from
    WEEK 4: by   my
    WEEK 5: do   
    WEEK 6: one 

    Beyond these Fundation sight words, I am including a few additional lists of words.  These word lists contain  words which are frequently used in beginner texts. (There is some overlap with the Fundation words.)

    List A: the  I  to  a  is  my  go  me  like  on  in  so  we  it  and  up  at  see  he  do  you  an  can  no  am

    List B:  went  are  this  look  for  get  come  got  play  was  had  they  will  too  all  be  as  ball  by  day  did  has  her  him  fun

    List C: eat  if  jump  man  or  not  mom  out  now  of  put  ran  sat  read  run  she  sit  then  his  say  us  yes  saw  girl  how