• March 7, 2022,

    Dear Parent or Guardian,

    Approximately every three years, the Council on Addiction, Prevention, and Education (CAPE), asks school districts in Dutchess County to administer the Youth Development Survey (YDS) to students in grades 8, 10, and 12. Van Wyck traditionally participates in this survey. The YDS is administered to determine the degree of health and risk factors of youth in our county. While CAPE sponsors the survey, they hired Dr. Eve Walter from Eden Research and Evaluation, to oversee the administration of the survey. The YDS will provide Dutchess County with valuable data for the development of prevention activities to increase the safety and well-being of our youth.

    The YDS is completed on-line and completely anonymous. Students will not need to identify themselves to participate. Instead, they will be provided a generic password to participate, with the results of the survey reported in aggregate for each school and district. Van Wyck intends to administer the YDS survey on Friday, March 11 and Monday, March 14, during your child’s physical education class using her/his chromebook. The survey takes approximately one class period to administer. I will place a copy of the survey on the Van Wyck homepage. 

    If you prefer that your child not participate, please contact your child's physical education teacher.

    Thank you and please call the school if you have any questions.


    Dr. Steven H. Shuchat, Principal