• Registration for our athletic programs are done by using an online system called FamilyID ( http://www.familyid.com/roy-c-ketcham-high-school-wappingers-junior-high-school ). Registration for sports opens prior to the beginning of the season and close 1 week before tryouts. Please send in your child's most recent physical exam via FamilyID upload, fax, email or handed in person by your child. 

    Acceptable physicals for the 2022 Spring Sports season may be dated 3/2021 or newer are considered valid. 

    **Due to COVID-19 all physicals must be uploaded to FamilyID for the School Doctor to review registrations remotley. The School Doctor will not be in the building to provide physicals in person or review sports registrations until further notice. **

    If you are unable to upload your child's physical please call or email FamilyID's tech support at 800-311-4060 or support@familyid.com.

    Once you finish registering your child on FamilyID please check the approval status periodically. If the status says "approved" then nothing else is needed. If the status is "not approved" please refer to the notes for the reason why. If the status is is "no status" then the registration is pending review. 

    The WCSD Medical Director is recommending any student athletes who test positive for COVID-19 submit a clearance note from their private doctor prior to participating in sport activities.