• September 26, 2021

    Dear Parent or Guardian,

    On Thursday, September 30, Van Wyck will host its virtual Open House. I attached a copy of the Open House tutorial shared with you last week, as well as the Open House tutorial prepared by the District. The school’s Open House tutorial includes the “bell” schedule along with specific instructions for how to log-in to your child’s Google Classroom. The District’s Open House tutorial provides general information about Google Classroom. Please take the time to review each tutorial as they both provide important information. 

    Prior to the official start of our virtual Open House, please join the school counselors, psychologists, social worker, and administrators from 6:30 pm-7:00 pm. Learn how our highly accomplished support staff serve our students, their families, and community. I will share the special link with you later in the week. 

    Due to overcrowding in our gymnasium, only parents and family members of athletes from the two schools will be permitted to attend our modified volleyball games. This modified volleyball  protocol is supported by both middle schools and takes effect immediately. Masks are required to be properly worn by spectators in the school at all times. Food and drink is not permitted in the gymnasium.

    The Transportation Department asked me to remind you that masks are required to be properly worn by children on the bus. 

    The 2021-2022 WCSD Code of Conduct includes the parameters for Cell Phone use by students  at each grade level. Page 13 of the policy speaks to cell phone use for students in grades K-8. Please take the time to review the policy in its entirety. I added the excerpt that speaks specifically to cell phone use at the middle level:

    “It is the policy of the Wappingers Central School District that students in grades Pre-K through 8 will be prohibited from possessing smart phones, smart watches (i.e., internet enabled devices), and other electronic devices and related accessories (e.g., earbuds) on their person during the school day without permission from the Building Principal. Smart devices and related accessories may be stored in a school bag (turned off) for before or after school use. The school district is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged smart devices…”

    In order to comply with this policy, cell phones and related accessories must be off, not visible, and stored away properly during the school day or they will be confiscated. Students have been reminded of this policy at orientation, behavior code assemblies, and  morning announcements.

    Tomorrow, September 27, is Day 1.

    Thank you for your continued support and cooperation. 

    We are Griffin Strong!


    Dr. Steven H. Shuchat, Principal

    Van Wyck Junior High School