• 2021-2022 Syllabus


    Mrs. Greene

    Oak Grove Elementary School

    First Grade Room 6 2021-2022


    Course Syllabus/Description

    Areas of Study:

    Comprehensive Literacy 

    Aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards

    Students learn letters, sounds, language, and vocabulary. They also learn to read, write, speak, and listen through Word Study, Guided Reading, Shared Reading, Read Alouds, Fundations, (phonics program) Reader’s Workshop, and Writer’s Workshop.


    Reader’s Workshop:  Lucy Calkins-Teacher’s College Units of Study- 

    Reading Units of Study: 

    1. Building Good Reading Habits
    2. Word Detectives
    3. Reading Nonfiction
    4. Fluency, Phonics, Comprehension
    5. Characters

    Writer’s Workshop Lucy Calkins-Teacher’s College Units of Study- 

    Writing Units of Study

    1. Narratives
    2. Information
    3. Opinion Writing
    4. Poetry 

    Math aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards – We use the New York State generated teaching modules (Engage New York) supplemented with Tang Math Program. The focus is on a deep understanding of number sense, addition, and subtraction. Students build stamina as problem solvers and they learn multiple ways or strategies to solve math problems.


    Topics Include:

    1. Place value
    2. Counting to 120
    3. Measurement
    4. Money
    5. Time
    6. Geometric shapes


    Science: We use a program of study developed by Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES called Science 21. The curriculum is aligned to the new New York State Science Standards

    Science 21 Units: 

    1. Space systems: Patterns and cycles of the sun, moon, and stars
    2. Waves: sound and light 
    3. Structure, function, and information processing   In this unit we explore parents and their offspring, the function of external parts of living things, and finally the students design and create something to help humans.

    Social Studies: An updated program of study developed by Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES. It is aligned to New York State Standards.

    Social Studies Units include:

    1. Rules and Laws
    2. Families
    3. Communities
    4. Economics

    Textbooks, Handbooks and other resources

    • Trade books including both fiction and nonfiction texts
    • Leveled texts including both fiction and nonfiction texts for guided reading
    • Fundations workbooks and composition book
    • Engage NY Modules
    • Lucy Calkins-Teacher’s College Units of Study- Reading
    • Lucy Calkins-Teacher’s College Units of Study- Writing

    Classroom Expectations and Procedures

    Students are expected to come to school prepared. This includes completing homework , having their take home folder in class every day, bringing a nutritious snack each day, and being well rested. District policy calls for approximately 15 minutes of written homework each night. In addition students are required to read 15 minutes each night.

    Students are expected to put forth their best effort, to come ready to learn every day, to follow directions and rules, to exhibit listening skills, and to show respect to one another.

    Stickers, notes, prizes, special activities or privileges are rewards for good behavior. Consequences for breaking school rules may include verbal warning, some loss of recess time (3-5 minutes) for repeated incidents, and parent contact when warranted. 


    Activities and Projects are designed to align with Common Core and New York State Learning Standards.  These events may not be feasible this year.  We will see when the time comes whether we can hold these events.

    The first graders will also coordinate an Earth Day project. They will count and distribute grocery bags to each classroom. All of our students in the school will decorate them for Earth Day. The grocery bags will be used to bag groceries at a local grocery store on Earth Day.

    Recommendations/required materials for class:

    Backpack, homework folder, and one snack (small and nutritious). Please bring only water for snack time. 

    Supply list is posted online and it also was provided with the final kindergarten report card.


    Grading Procedures

    Student grades will be reported in increments of .5

    4 Meets the standards with distinction

    3 Meets the standards

    2 Working to meet the standards

    1 Does not meet the standards


    We use a standards based grading system – the grades on the report card reflect the student’s abilities at the end of the marking period in regard to a particular standard.

    Grades are determined by teacher assessments, observations, check lists, and rubrics.


    • Reading: determined by the level at which the student can read successfully independently. (This means they can read the particular level of text with 96% accuracy and with adequate comprehension.)  Teacher observations, reading conferences, phonics skills, sight word recognition, vocabulary, and comprehension skills are also considered.
    • Math: classwork, quizzes, end of chapter tests, rubrics designed to assess the child's ability with regard to a particular standard.
    • Language Arts: listening and speaking in class, participation in class discussions, handwriting, writing conferences, writing benchmarks, end of unit Fundation tests
    • Science and Social Studies: ability to work cooperatively, teacher observation, projects, daily work, and quizzes. 


    Homework Policy

    A homework packet will be sent home the first day of the week. A reading checklist and a reading response sheet of some sort will be included in the packet along with a variety of assignments to support learning. The packet will be due the last day of the week. Students are expected to read for 15 minutes each day in addition to any written assignments. There will be no homework on Fridays, but reading is always encouraged throughout the weekend. Homework will be posted on the teacher web page.

    Birthday Celebrations

    We recognize our student’s birthday celebrations with a crown and a song.  One store bought class treat is permitted and may be sent in with your child the day of their birthday. Please check with your teacher regarding any dietary restrictions.  For summer birthdays, we will invite your child to celebrate their  ½ birthday at school. 

    Teacher Contact Information

    • Please send a note to school with your child if the information needs to be received by me the same day. Sometimes I don't get to my emails until after the end of the school day.
    • Email address Rosemarie.Greene@wcsdny.org
    • A message can be left with the school secretary at 298-5280 and I will call you back as soon as possible.
    • A message can also be left on my phone through the school system.