These are the supplies you should bring to ELA class each day:1) a 3 ring binder 2)black/blue pens 3)a box of colored pencils 4) loose leaf paper with 5 dividers
     5)a set of headphones or earbuds kept in class to use for Chromebooks.
    Components of my classroom quarterly grade: tests,homework,quizzes,class participation,writing assignments,binder check and writer's notebook.
    Classroom Expectations:Complete all assignments on time,participate in classroom activities,respect yourself,classmates and staff,follow all school rules,
    be on time and bring all necessary materials and relax,breathe,be yourself.
    Homework:will be posted on this website with due dates
    If you miss work due to an absence: it is your responsibility as a student to find out what you missed,receive the assignment from me and complete it that day/evening.
    Missed tests or quizzes are taken upon your return to class.If you're in band/orchestra,the health office etc during class,you need to see me before going home to know your missed
    assignment to complete.