•  3/2/21:  Q: Which musical artist has sold the all-time highest number of albums?

                   A: The Beatles


    3/4/21: Q: Traditional musical instruments are typically categorized into 4 families (woodwind, string, brass and percussion).  What                           qualifies a percussion instrument to belong to that family?

                 A: A percussion instrument is hit, shaken, or scraped to make a sound.


    3/5/21: Q: Which famous composer is not only famous for his music, but is known for having 20 children?

                 A: Johann Sebastian Bach


    3/8/21: Q: Which movie produced the first commerically sold soundtrack?

                A: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937


    3/9/21: Q: Which Broadway musical was the most successful in 2019?

                A:  Hamilton grossed over $159 million in ticket sales in 2019, making it the #1 show of the year.


    3/11/21: Q: What was the latest song to reach the Billboard top 100 list that was sung in a language other than English?

                  A: Life Goes On, by K-Pop group BTS.  Most of the song is sung in Korean.


    3/12/21: Q: Which pop/R&B artist has won the most Grammy awards for his performances?

                   A: Stevie Wonder has won 25 Grammy Awards.

                         UPDATE: Beyonce has just beaten Stevie Wonder's title, and is now the leader for the most Grammys.


    3/15/21: Q: Which woodwind instrument is usually mistaken for being a brass instrument?

                  A: The saxophone is a woodwind instrument.  It is played through a wooden piece called a reed.


    3/16/21: Q: What is the national instrument of Ireland?

                  A: The Irish harp


    3/18/21: Q: Who wrote this famous operatic song? (play Queen of the Night excerpt)

                  A: Mozart, from his opera The Magic Flute


    3/22/21: Q: What decade did the song "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" first appear at a baseball game?

                  A: 1930's


    3/23/21: Q: Which musical artist had the most number one hits during the 1980's?

                  A: Michael Jackson, with 9 number one songs in the '80s.


    3/25/21: Q: How many musicians do we have here at Brinckerhoff?