• Instructor: Ms. Maryellen Bova 

    Course: English 101, Fall 2022 

    Meetings Times: Daily @ John Jay High School 

    Google Classroom Code: contact teacher (for students only) 

    Remind: contact teacher (for students only) Please use this source first to text me assignment questions. I will NOT give grades out via Remind. 

    Email: Maryellen.Bova@wcsdny.org (for parents) 

    Office Hours: contact teacher - by appointment only 

    Course Objectives (upon successful completion of this course, students will): 

    Use the writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing; Employ specific and focused thesis statements and topic sentences; Develop body paragraphs with full and detailed support; 

    Use language clearly and precisely and with a level of formality appropriate to academic writing; 

    Integrate source material into a text and document it correctly, according to MLA style; 

    Edit writing for grammar, mechanics, sentence structure, and usage; Write unified and coherent essays in a variety of rhetorical forms. 

    Read critically and respond analytically to readings in discussion and writing; Expand vocabulary through reading and the use of vocabulary units; Consider audience when writing essays; 

    Engage in and analyze oral discourse effectively. 

    Areas of Study Include: 

    Principles of college writing 

    Narrative and Expository Writing 

    Argumentative Writing 

    Traditional rhetorical modes 

    Effective composing, revising, and editing strategies 

    MLA conventions 

    Critical reading skills 

    Critical thinking skills 

    Using language purposefully and imaginatively


    Required Texts and Materials: Prose Reader Essays for Thinking, Reading and Writing, MLA Update (11th Edition) :

    Class Policies: 

    Be here, be on time; absences and lates adversely affect your grade. Be considerate, be constructive, be open-minded, and be vocal. 

    Read directions, listen to directions, follow directions. 

    Be authentic and responsible for assignments, work, etc. 

    Do NOT text in class when using allowed technology. 

    This class is a privilege and you have to work very hard to remain. Class Expectations: 

    Tolerance. Recognizing that other people have different values, beliefs, appearance, and desires is a hallmark of maturity. The most important expectation in my class is that all students are treated with respect, that all ideas are considered, and that each student makes his/her best effort to make a meaningful contribution to the work of his/her education. By virtue of your placement in this class, you have demonstrated the ability to excel in English; my goal is to challenge you to become a stronger writer and more critical thinker. I will not tolerate language or actions that exclude or demean. Respect for all: classmates, teachers, administrators, substitutes, and self. This is an absolute requirement. 

    Plagiarism is submitting someone else’s work as your own and/or not citing the source of ideas that are not yours. If you are caught plagiarizing (intentionally OR NOT), you will receive a ZERO on the assignment and be reported to the Principal’s office and the DCC Academic Dean’s office. You may even fail the course or be asked to leave. Your honor, your integrity, your character are your most valuable assets--protect and cherish them accordingly. 

    Grade Determination: 

    All deadlines must be met and NO late essays, papers, or projects will be accepted. Please contact me BEFORE due dates with any issues 

    Tests will be double weighted 

    First Quarter Assignments: 40 % 

    Second Quarter Assignments : 40 % 

    Final Exam: 20 % 


    There is a Final Exam for Dutchess Community College: TBA

    Dutchess Community College Grading System: 

    A (100 – 93); A – (92 – 90); 

    B + (89 – 87); B (86 – 83); B – (82 – 80); 

    C + (79 – 77); C (76- 70); 

    D (69 – 60); F (59 – 0) 

    You must receive a C or above for college credit and a 65 and above for 12th grade credit. 

    Essay Requirements: This is a writing course and writing is a process, not just a singular event; therefore, there are several steps that go into the final essay grade. 

    All essays must be in standard MLA format: Uniformly double-spaced, 12-point font, 1” margins, proper MLA headers and heading. You may (and will) use outside sources; however, you must document properly and create a Works Cited page, even if it is for only one source. 

    LABEL your essays with proper MLA heading! 

    Your Name (First and Last 

    Ms. Bova 

    English 101 - name of assignment 

    Date in correct MLA format (25 September 2022) 

    Attendance: English 101 REQUIRES your attendance. Please note that this is a workshop and discussion-based class (not a lecture-based class). You cannot pass if you do not attend regularly! Contact me with any attendance issues. 

    Passing: A grade of 75 or better is needed for entrance into English 102 Dutchess Community College Course Information link: 

    https://www.sunydutchess.edu/academics/departments/englishandhumanities/writin ghandbook/course_outlines/eng101.html

    Dutchess Community College Information: 


    Dutchess Community College makes reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Students requesting accommodations must first register with the Office of Accommodative Services (OAS) to verify their eligibility. After documentation review and meeting with the student, OAS staff will provide eligible students with accommodation letters for their professors. Students must obtain a new letter each semester and discuss their accommodation plan with their instructors as soon as possible to ensure timely accommodations. The Office of Accommodative Services is located in the Orcutt Student Services Building, Room 201, phone # (845)-431-8055. 

    Title IX 

    Dutchess Community College is committed to maintaining a positive campus climate and will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment including sexual assault, sexual violence, and sexual misconduct. It is the responsibility and obligation of all members of the College community to report and/or to assist others in reporting incidents of sexual harassment. 

    Please direct all Inquiries and reports related to sexual harassment and sexual violence to: Title IX Coordinator: Esther Couret, Director of Human Resources 

    Dutchess Community College, Bowne Hall, Room 220 

    53 Pendell Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 

    (845) 431-8673 esther.couret@sunydutchess.edu 

    For information regarding the DCC sexual harassment and sexual violence policy and resources go to: 

    https://dutchess.open.suny.edu/webapps/portal/execute/tabs/tabAction?tab_tab_group_i d=_1_1 

    For anonymous reports go to Share at DCC: 


    Academic Honesty 

    ➢ Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, the following: 

    1. Cheating on examinations 

    2. Plagiarism, the representation of another’s ideas or writing as one’s own, including but not limited to: 

    a. presenting all or part of another person’s published work as something one has written; 

    b. paraphrasing or summarizing another’s writing without proper acknowledgement; 

    c. representing another’s artistic or technical work or creation as one’s own. 3. Willingly collaborating with others in any of the above actions which result(s) in work being submitted which is not the student’s own. 

    4. Stealing examinations, falsifying academic records and other such offenses.

    5. Submitting work previously presented in another course without permission of the instructor. 

    6. Unauthorized duplication of computer software. 

    7. Unauthorized use of copyrighted or published material. 

    If, based on substantial evidence, an instructor deems that a student is guilty of academic dishonesty, the instructor may initiate disciplinary action. 

    1. The instructor may require that the student repeat the assignment or examination, or 

    2. The instructor may give the student a failing grade for the assignment or examination, or 

    3. The instructor may give the student a failing grade for the course. 4. Additionally, the instructor may require that the student receive counseling on academic honesty through the Office of the Dean of Student Services.