Wappingers Central School District
    Driver Education
    Frequently Asked Questions - COVID Version

    1. How is Driver Ed offered during the pandemic?
    Students will attend a virtual lecture once a week, for 16 weeks, via Google Meet. Due to NYS COVID-related health regulations, we are not allowed to use a driving school at this time. All driving instruction will be done by the parent/guardian, with materials on proper techniques provided by WCSD.

    2Do I Need to Have My Learner's Permit in Order to Take Driver Ed?
    YES! You must be 16 years of age and have obtained your Learner's Permit in order to take Driver Ed. You can register for the program without your Learner's Permit, as long as you get it by the date required in the program registration information.

    *Please be aware that you must make an appointment with the DMV to take your permit test. There is sometimes a very long wait for appointments. Please make sure that you are able to obtain an appointment for the Learner's Permit by the appropriate date BEFORE registering for Driver Ed.

    3. When do I get my Driver Education Completion Certificate (MV-285)?
    You will receive the MV-285 in the mail approximately 2-3 weeks after the end of your Driver Education course. It will be mailed directly to you from the driver education office. 

    4. How long is my MV-285 Driver Education Completion Certificate valid for?
    It is valid for two years from the date of issue.

    5. Can I get a 5-Hour Pre-Licensing Certificate (MV-278) in Driver Ed?
    The 5-Hour Pre-Licensing Certificate (MV-278) will no longer be issued in the Driver Education program.

    If a student enrolls in Driver Education, they do NOT have to take a separate 5-Hour Pre-Licensing course because the Driver Education program includes the instruction in the 5-Hour Course, and the Completion Certificate received at the end of the program (MV-285) supersedes the MV-278.

    If a student wishes to schedule a road test while in Driver Education, they must attend & pay for a separate 5-Hour Pre-Licensing Course. These courses are given through WCSD once a month, or through other local organizations.

    6. How do I get my insurance discount?
    The MV-285 is a two-part form. The top part is for the DMV and the bottom part should be sent to your insurance company.

    7. What if I lose my MV-285 certificate?
    We can issue a replacement copy, however, it may take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to issue the replacement and may incur a replacement charge.

    8. What do I need to make sure I have before I schedule my road test?
    A valid NYS leaner's permit: this must be valid on the date that you make the road test appointment and on the date that you take your road test. 

    A valid MV-278 Pre-Licensing certificate or valid MV-285 Driver Education Completion Certificate: the MV-278 or MV-285 must be valid at the time you schedule your road test, but can be expired on the date of your road test.

    If  you are under 18, you must have had your permit for 6 months from the date your permit is issued to the date of your road test.

    A completed MV-262 form: if you are under 18, you must have a minimum of 50 hours of supervised practice driving before your road test, with at least 15 hours at night (after sunset.) You must bring the MV-262 Certificate of Supervised Driving completed and signed by your parent or guardian with you to the road test appointment.
    Link to MV-262: http://www.dmv.ny.gov/forms/mv262.pdf

    9. How do I schedule my road test?

    10. How do I change my junior license to a senior license with Driver Education?
    If you have a Class DJ junior license, and you complete a driver education course, you can change your Class DJ junior license to a Class D senior license when you are 17 years old.

    To change the class of your driver license you must have a MV-285 Driver Education Completion Certificate.

    Before Taking Road Test
    If you have not taken your road test yet, give your MV-285 Driver Education Completion Certificate to the DMV examiner at your road test once you've been notified you passed the road test. The DMV will then update your driver record and will automatically issue a Class D photo driver license on your 17th birthday. You will receive the new driver license in the mail within 2 weeks of your 17th birthday. There is no fee when you change the class of your driver license by this method. Your driver license record will show that you are a Class D driver. 

    After Taking Road Test
    If you did not have your MV-285 Driver Education Completion Certificate when taking your road test, you must then submit your MV-285 to the DMV in order for them to know you took Driver Education. You can take your MV-285, a completed MV-44 (see below) along with a check for $12.50 (made out to the Commissioner of  Motor Vehicles) and drop it off in the drop box at your local DMV. The DMV will then mail your senior license (class D) to you. If you are already 17, you should receive it in the mail in several weeks. If you are not yet 17, they will automatically mail it to you within two weeks of your 17th birthday.