• What is the Career Zoom Health Care Series?

    WCSD is thrilled to have partnered with Dutchess Community College, Dutchess County Workforce Investment Board, and the Workforce Development Institute to offer our students the opportunity to learn more about the careers available in Health Sciences in our region. 

    Students were surveyed to learn more about their interest in attending a Zoom series with professionals in the Health Sciences. Over 310 students responded in just 3 days! As a result, every third Wednesday of the month we will host the Career Zoom Health Care Series. The Zoom link, dates, and times are below. The same Zoom link will be used for each meeting.  Time will be set aside for Question and Answer at the end of each meeting to help students learn more about this field.

    We strongly encourage students to participate in the meeting to hear answers to questions like, what classes you should be taking, what is a typical day-in-the-life like, what keeps you coming back to work each day, and many other questions students submitted.

Career Zoom Health Care Series Videos

View these video clips to learn more about these health care careers.

  • Cardiologist (A Day in the Life)

  • Dental Hygienist (Day in the Life)

  • Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) (Day in the Life)

  • Home Health Aide (A Day in the Life)

  • Nurse Practitioner (Day in the Life)

  • Nursing Assistant (Day in the Life)

  • Phlebotomist (Day in the Life)

  • Physical Therapy Assistant (Day in the Life)

  • Radiology (Why I Chose)

  • Veterinary Assistant (Day in the Life)