Roy C. Ketcham Class of 2024,

    You officially have the first full week of high school under your belt! I know that your first week at RCK is not exactly how you imagined it, but you are already embarking on a great journey. Throughout your first year there are going to be twists and turns, ups and downs, and most of all, lots of learning. We are all in this together! I wanted to congratulate you all on completing your first week as well as remind you that I am here for you for anything you may need. I am lucky enough to be your assistant principal for the next four years.

    You also have two wonderful guidance counselors who are also here to assist you throughout your high school career. If your last name begins with A-K your counselor is Ms. DeGroat. If your last name begins with L-Z your counselor is Mr. Toretta. You can also always reach out to them for anything you may need.

    I can't wait until we are all back in the building together, but until then keep up the great work! We will get through the hard times together. That's what #KetchamNation is all about!


    Nicolle Strang
    Assistant Principal
    Class of 2024