• Hello!

    First quarter is off to an EXCELLENT start! I look forward to meeting you during our live Parents as Partners / Open House sessions on Wednessday, September 29th. Please read the information below (which was communicated by Mr. Thompson, our building principal, in an earlier e-mail) to know what to expect:

    "Parents as Partners/Open House Night is one of the cornerstone events that assist us in launching a successful school year with Parents as Partners. The event will take place on Wednessday, September 29th from 7-9PM

    This year WJHS is implementing a Virtual Open House Model. While we would prefer the in-person model, we believe the Virtual Model provides an excellent opportunity to share essential information and answer general questions, while ensuring the safety of everyone.

    How to attend The Virtual Open House/ Parents as Partners:

    -Parents will use their student’s Google Class login to attend the meetings in Google Classroom
    -Follow your student’s Day 1 schedule to attend the Google Classroom meeting with teachers
    -Please click the link in the corresponding teacher classroom suite to attend each of the meetings

    The period schedule for the evening is as follows:

    Period 1  7:00-7:11PM
    Period 2  7:14- 7:25PM
    Period 3  7:28-7:39 PM
    Period 4  7:42-7:53PM
    Period 5  7:56-8:07PM
    Period 6  8:10-8:21PM
    Period 7  8:24-8:35PM
    Period 8  8:38- 8:49PM
    Period 9  8:52-9:00PM

    In addition to clicking on the Meet Code on your child's Google Classroom page, you may also join us by clicking on the Meet Codes below, created specifically for PAP / Open House:


    PERIOD 1 (7:00-7:11PM) Link to Live Meet Session for Art 7, First Quarter Families: https://meet.google.com/lookup/ft6zr7llkn?authuser=0&hs=179


    PERIOD 3 (7:28- 7:39PM) Link to Live Meet Session for Art 7, First Quarter Families: https://meet.google.com/lookup/hfagkzcmch?authuser=0&hs=179


    PERIOD 4 (7:42-7:53 PM) Link to Live Meet Session for Art 7, First Quarter Families: https://meet.google.com/lookup/gttv6tczml?authuser=0&hs=179


    PERIOD 5 (7:56-8:07PM) Link to Live Meet Session for Study Hall, First Quarter Families: https://meet.google.com/lookup/b5rmvzan45?authuser=0&hs=179


    PERIOD 7 (8:24-8:35PM) Link to Live Meet Session for Art 7, First Quarter Families: https://meet.google.com/lookup/dthfb2jtam?authuser=0&hs=179


    PERIOD 9 (8:52- 9:00PM) Link to Live Meet Session for Art 7, First Quarter Families: https://meet.google.com/lookup/evhauxwueh?authuser=0&hs=179


    Below is the grading policy for seventh grade art, for your reference:

    Grading Policy:
    Projects: 50%
    Participation: 25%
    Class Assignments: 25%


    QUESTIONS????? The best way to reach me is by e-mail: cynthia.mccusker@wcsdny.org.