• Mrs. La Salvia

    Oak Grove Elementary School

    Self-Contained First/Second - Room 8

    Mrs. Morano-  Classroom Teacher Assistant

    Mrs. Perry- 1:1 Teacher Assistant

    Mrs. DeLuca- Shared Health Teacher Assistant


    Course Syllabus/Description  Remote Learning 2020

    Areas of Study:

    Comprehensive Literacy 

    aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards – 

    Students learn letters, sounds, language, and vocabulary.  They also learn to read, write, speak and listen through Word Study, Guided Reading, Shared Reading, Read Alouds, Fundations, (phonics program), Reader’s Workshop, and Writer’s Workshop. 


    Reader’s Workshop:  Lucy Calkins-Teacher’s College Units of Study- 


    Reading Units of Study: 

    1. Building Good Reading Habits
    2. Word Detectives
    3. Reading Nonfiction
    4. Fluency, Phonics, Comprehension
    5. Characters 


    Writer’s Workshop: Lucy Calkins-Teacher’s College Units of Study- 

    Writing Units of Study

    1. Narratives
    2. Information
    3. Opinion
    4. Poetry 


    Wilson Fundations is our district’s language arts program. It is a systematic and explicit phonics approach to reading and spelling with phonics. We will be utilizing parts of the program in a whole group situation to review vocabulary, spelling, sight words, handwriting, and grammar. It is taught through a sequence of language skills, a multi-sensory approach, and a word-analysis approach. We will combine this instruction with the reading of good literature, which is just as important for your child’s development.

    Math aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards – We use the New York State generated teaching modules (Engage New York) supplemented with Math in Focus Program.  The focus is on a deep understanding of number sense, addition, and subtraction. Students build stamina as problem solvers and they learn multiple ways/strategies to solve math problems.

    Math 1st Grade Topics Include:

    1. Place value
    2. Counting to 120
    3. Measurement
    4. Money
    5. Time
    6. Geometric shapes
    7. Adding and subtracting within 10


    Math 2nd Grade Topics Include:

    1. Fluently add and subtract within 20
    2. Understand place value
    3. Count within 1,000- skip by 5ś, 10ś, and 100ś
    4. Compare two/three-digit number
    5. Add and Subtract within 1,000
    6. Measure and estimate lengths in standard units
    7. Relate addition and subtraction to length
    8. Money and Time
    9. Work with equal groups to gain foundations for multiplication
    10. Represent and interpret data and reason with shapes and their attributes 


    Science: Science 21 (A program of study developed by Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES) newly designed and aligned to the new New York State Science Standards 

          Science 21 Units: 

    1. Space systems: Patterns and cycles of sun, moon, and stars.
    2. Waves: sound and light.
    3. Structure, function, and information processing 


    Social Studies: An updated program of study developed by Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES. It is aligned to New York State Standards.

    Social Studies Units include:

    1. Rules and Laws
    2. Families
    3. Communities
    4. Economics

    Textbooks, Handbooks and Other Resources

    • Trade books including nonfiction texts
    • Leveled texts including nonfiction texts for guided reading
    • Fundations workbooks and composition book
    • Engage NY Modules
    • Lucy Calkins-Teacher´s College Units of Study- Reading
    • Lucy Calkins-Teacher’s College Units of Study- Writing

    Remote Learning Expectations and Procedures:

    1.  Students are expected to be on time for each subject. 

    2.  Find a quiet place to sit. 

    3.  Come to class prepared and dressed appropriately. 

    4.  Turn your video on and face the camera. 

    5.  Students will mute their microphones unless it is their turn to speak

         (e.g. greeting, class discussion, asking/answering questions).

    6.  Students will raise their hand to ask or answer questions.

    7.  Students will be respectful towards one another (i.e. listen when others are

          speaking, use kind words and gestures). 

    8.  Do not bring any toys or distractions to your work area. 

    9.  Be ready to learn!


    *In the event that your child is having difficulty following these expectations, I will contact you to discuss how we can best support them!*


    Recommendations/required materials for remote learning class: 

    The supply list is posted online.   Students should have easy access to their supplies during the lessons.  An extra bag of school tools to support instruction and practice will be provided for each student prior to the first day of school.


    Grading Procedures

    Student grades will be reported in increments of .5

    4 -  Meets the standards with distinction

    3 -  Meets the standards

    2 -  Working to meet the standards

    1 -  Does not meet the standards


    We use a standards based grading system – the grades on the report card reflect the student’s abilities at the end of the marking period in regard to a particular standard.

    Grades are determined by teacher assessments, observations, check lists, and rubrics.


    • Reading: determined by the level at which the student can read successfully independently, teacher observations, reading conferences, phonics skills, sight word recognition, vocabulary, and comprehension skills
    • Math: classwork, quizzes, end of chapter tests, rubrics designed to assess each child’s ability with regard to a particular standard.
    • Language Arts: listening and speaking online in class, participation in online class discussions, handwriting, writing conferences, writing benchmarks, end of unit Fundation tests
    • Science and Social Studies: ability to work cooperatively, teacher observation, projects, daily work, quizzes, and end of unit tests


    Homework Policy

    There will be approximately 30 minutes of homework/classwork each day.  Live lessons currently are scheduled until 12:30 (for 1st graders) and 1:40 (for 2nd graders) daily.  There is time to complete any assigned tasks in the afternoon.  All assignments are to be submitted by the end of the day.  


    Contact Information


                Remind: http://www.remind.com/join/sc1st2


    • A message can be left with the school secretary at 298-5280 and I will call you back as soon as possible.

    Office Hours: Office hours will be held daily from 2:00-3:00 p.m. The purpose of this time is for students/parents to ask any questions or share any concerns regarding remote learning.   Email me within my office hours if you need anything and my staff and I will send you a google meet link.