• How to Attend Open House (This slides presentation will help you figure out how to attend Open House this year!)

    Parent Night Handout (This handout includes important information about my class!)

    Parent Night Video (This is a video that include important information about my class!)


    Live Meets will be taking place using the google code from your child's class using the following schedule...

    Period 1  7:00-7:11PM
    Period 2  7:14- 7:25PM
    Period 3  7:28-7:39 PM
    Period 4  7:42-7:53PM
    Period 5  7:56-8:07PM
    Period 6  8:10-8:21PM
    Period 7  8:24-8:35PM
    Period 8  8:38- 8:49PM
    Period 9  8:52-9:03PM
    **Please make sure you are using your son/daughters account to log in or you will not be able to access the Meet!