• 4th Grade FAQ and Schedule for Remote Learning at Evans

    What are the school hours?

    • Our school day is 8:25-3:25, Monday - Friday, following the WCSD calendar.

    When will attendance be taken?

    • Attendance will be taken during each live Meet, including Specials. 
    • It is important that your child attend each live class that they are scheduled for. (Highlighted in yellow on schedule below--smalls group times to be determined). 

    What type of instruction will my child receive?

    • Your child will have both live/synchronous instruction and recorded/asynchronous instruction. 
    • Mini-lessons for each subject will be live/synchronous OR recorded/asynchronous, depending on the day/skill being taught. It is important to check posted announcements in order to know what is going to take place for each subject on each day. 
    • In addition, your child will have work that is to be completed independently. 

    What teacher will my child have?

    • Your child will have a homeroom teacher that is assigned by the district (Ms. Morey). 
    • They will also have Mr. Wurster, Ms. Garcia, Ms. Shor, and Mr. Hobart for PE, Music/Chorus, Art, and Library respectively. 
    • Your child may also have related service providers that will be assigned as needed for speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and counseling.
    • Once your child logs in to Google Classroom, they will have a separate Google Classroom tile to click in order to enter the classroom for each teacher.

     How can I reach my child’s teachers?

    • The overall best way for a parent to reach one of the teachers is via email.

    Classroom Teacher

       Ms. Morey



    Mrs. Brundage


    Physical Education

    Mr. Wurster



    Ms. Garcia



    Mrs. Schor



    Mr. Hobart


    • In addition to reaching me via email, you can also contact me through the Remind app. In order to join my classroom, send a text to the number 81010. Message the following code: @msmoreysc


    How will my child log in for live Meets?

    • Whole class meets and office hours will use the Google Classroom link that is in the banner of my Google Class in the “Stream” page. It’s labeled “Meet Link.”


    •  You can also click on the camera in the “Classwork” section of Google classroom. It is labeled “Meet,” as seen below:


    • Small group meets will have different links. This can be found in a Google Document titled “Small group links” that will be shared via Google Classroom. This document will be kept at the top of the “Classwork” page. Students will open the document and click on the group they are assigned to for that subject area. 
    • To join any meet for special area teachers, or for related services, go to the Google Classroom Homepage and click on the class you need. Here’s what mine looks like:


    What should my child do when they are not scheduled for a Live Meet?

    • If your child is not scheduled to have a Live Meet, this is the time that they should complete any asynchronous work or independent work. 
    • They should also have lunch and/or snacks during this time. 
    • It’s also a great time to get a little active movement break away from screens.

    What are the expectations for Live Google Meets?

    • Students are expected to follow the PBIS expectations of Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful as shown below. 
    • The students will be expected to follow these expectations in all Google Meets, whether they are whole class, small group, one-on-one conference, or break out rooms with their classmates. (Please visit the "Expectations for Remote Learning" tab for further information.)