• Remote Learning Rules/Expectations:


    Students are expected to follow these expectations when participating in synchronous (live) instruction.


    1.  Students are expected to be on time for each subject. 

    2.  Find a quiet place to sit. 

    3.  Come to class prepared and dressed appropriately. 

    4.  Turn your video on and face the camera. 

    5.  Students will mute their microphones unless it is their turn to speak

         (e.g. greeting, class discussion, asking/answering questions).

    6.  Students will raise their hand to ask or answer questions.

    7.  Students will be respectful towards one another (i.e. listen when others are

          speaking, use kind words and gestures). 

    8.  Do not bring any toys or distractions to your work area. 

    9.  Be ready to learn!


    *In the event that your child is having difficulty following these expectations, I will contact you to discuss how we can best support them!*