• Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Guardians,

    Thanks in advance for all the ways you will be helping your child learn and helping us teach them!  We are in this together!  

    Mrs. La Salvia     Mrs. Morano     Mrs. Perry     Mrs. DeLuca


    Remote Learning Overview

    As you have heard, we will be beginning our year together using the remote learning model. This model will work to continue students’ learning and provide them with the support they need to grow and succeed. Below you will find a brief overview of the components of this model for our first and second grade classroom. 


    Synchronous and Asynchronous Instruction:

    • Synchronous where learning is face to face in real time. 
    • Asynchronous where learning is ANYTIME, ANYWHERE and self-paced learning. 
    • Blended where learning is a MIXTURE of BOTH types. 

    Students will receive both synchronous and asynchronous  instruction. Synchronous  instruction will be delivered for a minimum of 20 minutes per subject area in a whole group, 1 to 1 conferences, and/or small group format.  Students will access this form of instruction via Google Meet. Times for synchronous instruction will be noted on our class schedule. In addition to synchronous (live) instruction, students will also engage in asynchronous instruction. This instruction may include pre-recorded videos and/or independent learning tasks. Students will access this form of instruction via Google Classroom. 


    Google Classroom:

    Students will use Google Classroom to receive instruction and to complete classwork and assignments. 

    How to Access Google Classroom:   

    1. Go to - classroom.google.com
    2. Enter your child’s username - Firstname.Lastname@k12.wcsdny.org (Example - sally.smith@k12.wcsdny.org)
    3. Enter your child’s password - StudentfirstnameIDNumber  (ID number is the same as their lunch number → Example - Sally1234567)
    4. I will have invited your child to join our classroom, so our classroom should just show up on your computer.


    Google Meet: 

    We will be using the platform of Google Meet for synchronous (live) instruction. 

    The link for each day’s Google Meets for all subjects will be posted on my google classroom banner.  


    Throughout the year, there may be extra added 1:1 or small group google meets. 


    How to Access these Google Meet:

    1.  Log into your child’s google classroom.

    2.  Click the icon at the top of the classwork page in the classroom.

    3.  Or click the link on the green banner with the picture of the cake on it.

    4.  Simply click the meeting and join! 


    Your child cannot enter our google meet unless I am in the meet.  



    Attendance will be taken each morning. Students are required to attend all live meetings as scheduled. 



    All assignments and homework will be posted on Google Classroom. 

    Students are expected to turn in their work by the end of each day.



    Office Hours: Office hours will be held daily from 2:00-3:00 p.m. The purpose of this time is for students/parents to ask any questions or share any concerns regarding remote learning.   Email me within my office hours if you need anything and my staff and I will send you a google meet link.


    Email or Remind: In addition to the designated office hours, I can be reached via email or Remind. Remind is a messaging system that can be used on your mobile device for classroom announcements and instant communication with me. You will receive an email to sign up if you like to participate.