• Students are required to join google classroom every day during their class period.

    Join into Quizlet

    Participate in synchronous and asynchronous activities.

    Synchronous activities include: lessons, activities, spontaneous speaking situations, assessments

    Lessons will include: Listening, reading, writing and speaking.

    Spontaneous speaking will be done live with me once a week, then will change to twice a week months later. Students will have a dialog with me about the current theme/topic or anything he/she feels like talking about.  I can ask the question, or they can.  Their speaking grade will not be based on grammar and mistakes, but on how well they can get their point across.  

    All assignments are to be done without the help of a google translator.  If a translator is used, the student will receive a "0 %". All work must be done by using your own material. 



    assignments= 35 %

    assessments= 30 %

    speaking in Italian = 35% 


    Students will be learning different themes that will incorporate the ACTFL standards. The first theme will be Personal and Public identities.

    The five ACTFL C's are : Communication, Communications, Comparisons and Culture.

     Please look at the Italian 2 & 3 syllabus from the other page.