•  Sixth Grade Supply List

    Welcome to sixth grade.  We hope you had an enjoyable summer vacation and are well rested and motivated after your break. This year is an exciting, yet challenging year. You are entering your last year of elementary school, and will begin preparing for the junior high.

    Below is a list of school supplies that will be needed for both virtual and hybrid.  You do not need to purchase “new” supplies; feel free to use any items left over from last year.  

    Please note that some of these supplies may need to be replenished throughout the school year.


    *All supplies used for virtual learning will also be needed when we switch to hybrid*

    •  2 Composition Notebooks
    • Inexpensive Calculator
    • Pencils
    • Wide - ruled loose leaf paper
    • 4 two-pocket folders
    • Highlighters



    • 2 inch binder
    • 4 dividers
    • Blue or Black pens
    • 1 additional composition notebook
    • Small hand held pencil sharpener 
    • pair of scissors
    •  box of colored pencils
    • glue stick
    • Supply pouch that fits in a binder