A Letter from Mrs. O'C About Remote Instruction
  • Hello, Team 7 Green!

    Some important information for you, as this strange and new school year begins. 
    • School beging on Thurs., 9/10.  Please use the schedule below as a guide:
    • ELA (as it will be in each subject area) will be holding class daily, Mon.-Fri., for each individual class.  Please see the times below.
    • Students will be expected to "attend" class and complete work whenever it is scheduled/assigned.  Should a student miss several classes and/or assignments, the teacher(s) will be in touch with administration, who will then contact that family.


    The class schedule for Mrs. O'Connor's Team 7 Green ELA classes is:  


    Remote Schedule for '20-'21


    1. During our Google Meet sessions, my goal is to have some teaching/review/discussion time with the kids.  I will also give objectives and assignments.  The assignments will be posted on Classroom, as well as under "Assignments,"on my teacher page.

    2.  Office hours are 1:15-2:30, Mon.-Fri.  Please contact me during those times via Remind text or email, and we can set up a time for a private Google Meet.  *If you need to schedule a specific time, feel free to ask...I will do my best to accommodate everyone!


    • Grading is a topic which is still under discussion with the district, so I'll alert you when we teachers get concrete info.  📝


    •  In case you are not aware, cell phones can be used to access Google Meet and Google Classroom.  📱  And, although I'm no expert on how to do this, students can also access Classroom via xBox or PS.  🎮


    • As we begin to solidify plans, we'll continue to update you. Please be tolerant of what may be frequent emails and Remind texts, as this entire situation remains quite fluid, and changes may happen often.  😕
    Please know that my #1 priority is the health, well-being, and safety of my students.  Bear with me during this time of trial and error, and of course, feel free to reach out via email or Remind text.  My best wishes to you and your families!!