• Hello My 6th Graders,                                                                                                                                                                                                                          4/1/2020

    I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy, and that you are enjoying your families, the great outdoors, and a wonderful book! I miss you all very much!!  Please stay positive and we will be stronger because of this trying time!

       On Friday, April 3rd, we will begin our "Continuity of Learning" via distance learning using Google Classroom.  I know many of you have been keeping up with the assignments that were posted in GC (or were in your packets that you picked up) prior to our Spring Break. Thank you for that!! Also, the majority of you have turned in work through GC, while others sent me a message or simply marked each task as done.  Nicely done!! Hopefully you all now feel comfortable utilizing technology to assist your learning, since all assignments will now be delivered electronically.

       Here is how we will proceed....

       1) Assigning work:  Mrs. Nelson and I will be uploading the historical fiction reading lessons and assignments into GOOGLE CLASSROOM. * Please always check the stream and classwork tab for announcements or new postings and lessons/assignments. I promise not to overload you, so please don't feel stressed if you see many tasks in the classroom.  We will alternate days with reading and writing lessons, roughly 30 minutes a day. I will provide instructions weekly for the assignments. A typical schedule might look like:

    M/W: Reading lessons/independent reading

    T/TH: Writing lessons/independent reading (if you can)

    Fridays: I-READY (30 minutes)/ independent reading (optional)

    *The expectation is that you devote 30 minutes of your learning time each day, to work on the reading or writing lesson assigned.  Do your best, and reach out with any questions or concerns. 


       2) Completing work: There are a few ways that you will complete your assignments.

    1. a) You may be asked to make a copy of a Google Document provided, and you will type right on the page. 
    2. b) You may be required to write notes/information in your reading journal.    
    3. c) You may have to complete a Google Form and submit it.      

       3) Submitting work:   When you complete an assigned task, please follow the instructions for that assignment to let me/Mrs. D'Anna/Mrs. Nelson know you successfully completed it.  You may be asked to.....

    1. a) Attach your work and submit it in Google Classroom. DON'T click "Share it" to submit work.
    2. b) Mark it done in GC
    3. c) Send a comment to us in GC, indicating what you learned.


       This is a very new experience for all of us.  I am trying hard to learn new ways to use technology, in hopes to make your learning experience fun and manageable.  I plan to try using Google Meets to occasionally provide a video conference opportunity for any student to attend.  Be patient with me :) More detailed information on that will follow.

        Finally, per district recommendation, please keep up on your work and attendance. All students will be required to respond to a check-in task daily!  Thus, please visit my Reading Google Classroom every day.

         Stay safe and stay upbeat! I hope to see all of your smiling faces sooner than later!!



         Mrs. Horton