• Hello,

    I am hoping that you and your family are managing during this difficult time.  The details of how my service will be provided are still being worked out, but I wanted to check in with you.  I have activities and resources on my webpage to allow you to keep up with your language skills during this “remote learning” period (see below for a direct link to my website).  Students will receive invites to a Google Classroom.   I will be adding and making adjustments as we proceed.  This is a new experience for many of us and there may be bumps along the way as we are all navigating through this process.  I understand that everyone has different situations going on right now and we will figure this out together.  I will try my best to be a helpful resource throughout.  Feel free to contact me through this email at any point.  The most important is your mental and physical health.  Be well and stay strong!

     Ms. Connelly


     * In order to maintain privacy, "office hours" will not be an open forum for all caregivers/students to participate together.  I will be available via email between 1-1:30.  I will also make myself available to you individually throughout the "school day" as much as possible.  Please email and we can set up a time and format to communicate directly as needed. *