Candice Ruffalo,

    Choral Director, AP Music Theory, Music Theory, Music Workshop, Intensive Instruction Music

    Killian Ruffalo,

    Home Office Assistant/Superviser

    can be reached at 555-555-FISH, ext. "NAP"   ;)



    Please reach out via email and we can see if we need to do a google hangout/meet- no worries!

    Email:   candice.ruffalo@wcsdny.org

    PLEASE put your name in the subject line so I know for certain who you are.

    Ex. "Hi from Dana & Dora!" or "Hi, from Sparkles!" or "Hi, it's me, Ian (and Shawn and Gus)"




    I am available throughout the day and will respond to your e mails on a one-by-one basis. Please know that I may not be responding after 8pm unless absolutely necessary. This means I will be available to answer any questions you have by email/ or possibly on a hang out.


    Thanks so much!