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    To my students and your families,

    Let me first start by saying how much I miss you all. I hope that you are all staying healthy and that this letter finds you all well.  Fortunately for us, we have been using Google classroom in our PhotoMedia class since the beginning of the year. So not much will change for us regarding how we turn assignments in. 

    I have been learning about Google hangouts, chats, etc.  All these apps are very user friendly. I also have been playing around with some Photoshop-like apps that you can download onto your chromebooks or desktops, if you are able to.  Bottom line is we will still have some creative and fun time while not overwhelming ourselves. I know, personally, that this distance learning is stressful (I'm fairly confident I will fail 3rd grade this's A LOT harder than I remember :) ). I will certainly not add to the stress. You can contact me through Google chats, regular email, private or public comments posted with assignments.  During the school week, I will be available for phone calls, chats, hangouts etc. You can also email me anytime during the week/weekend. 

    I will use my regular teacher page just as a standard information site. Google classroom will be the main page to look for updates, assignments, and turning projects in. We will work on a variety of assignments. 

    I hope to hear from you all soon. Everyone is already set in google classroom so we will be ready to start working as soon as I finish setting up the projects. There are still a lot of questions we all have, including grades, tests, and what the rest of the year might look like.  I will share any information we get with you as soon as it becomes available. I really do miss you all so much. I hope that we have some fun and productive time while we are out of school and I hope we see each other again really soon. 

    All my best,

    Ms. Bunt

    Fine and Performing Arts Dept

    Roy C Ketcham High School

    99 Myers Corners Road, Wapp Falls NY 12590