• Hello to all my families.  We are going to navigate through this difficult time together.  We will work together and learn in this new way.  I have added 5 Google Classrooms.  At this time it looks as though everyone logged in and we do not have to use the code (which I found quite confusing!)  Each day there will be a new assignment.  I added ONLY assignments that are review.  I am not trying to cause any stress in this already stressful time in our lives.  So, how I have set this up is the following.  There is an assignment (basically it is a worksheet or two) I then attached a blank google doc that you will record your answers on.  I tested it out on my two boys, so it definitely works!!!!  If for some reason you can not navigate google docs I will email you the work.  If you are having any trouble with any of the assignments PLEASE email me with any questions. 


    Stay Healthy and I can't wait to see all of you soon!


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