• In order to stay up to date on all assignment it is recommended that students and parents use Google Classroom and Remind.

    Google Classroom is a virtual classroom where assignments, slides, and review information can be found. This is great for students when they are absent.

    Remind is an application that alerts you when an assignment or test is coming up. It can be use on the Remind app on a phone so that students and parents can recieve notifications right on their phones or smart devices.

    Below are the links each of the U.S. History Google Classrooms. If you are having any issues accessing the links contact me at zachary.utter@wcsdny.org

    U.S. Period 2: Google Classroom

    Google Classroom Code:tpsoaf

     Remind Code:@usp2jj

    U.S. Period 4: Google Classroom

    Google Classroom Code:8cl1xz

    Remind Code:@usp4jj

    U.S. Period 5: Google Classroom

    Google Classroom Code:sz7rjg

    Remind Code:@ushp5jj