• CSEC 9th Grade Science - MRC Family School

    Introduction to Online Learning with Mr. Pogelmiller-Kermani


    Science Description

    The 8th grade Science curriculum will cover several different fields that involve Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, and Life Science. Each lesson will involve basic notes and information that students will need to know, followed by a hands-on activity that helps reinforce the material. Students will receive a weekly outlook to help them see what is coming next. All assignments and class notes can be found on Mr Pogemiller-Kermani and Mrs. Lawler’s webpage.

    Students will have a clear understanding of the expectations for Distance learning in 8th grade Science. Make sure that you have access to the Google classroom so you can be current with all the work. We have a check-in assignment on Google classroom which should take only 5-10 minutes to complete. Please let us know if you are having trouble with any of the technology. We are here to help!                                                  



    Google Classroom Code 

    Mr. P-K

    Period 2- zzu2cng