• Semester:                            Fall 2019

    Course:                                 ENG 101 (E662)

    Instructor:                          Mrs. Valerie LaRose

    Contact Information:      valerie.larose@wcsdny.org, 845-298-5100 ext. 31058


    Time/Room:                      Periods 4 and 7 in room 206

    Office Hours:                      Periods 1 and 6 in English office

                                                    Period 3 in cafeteria


    Welcome to English 101; if this is your first college class,
    welcome to Dutchess Community College!


    Course Description

                English 101 addresses the major principles of college writing, which are meant to serve students in all the disciplines across the curriculum.  The course concentrates primarily on expository and argumentative writing; traditional rhetorical modes; and effective composing, revising, and editing strategies.  English 101 covers MLA conventions, and a research paper is required. 


    Course Objectives

    • Use the writing process: Prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing
    • Create specific and focused thesis statements and topic sentences
    • Develop body paragraphs with full and detailed support
    • Apply an expanded academic and formal vocabulary to all writing
    • Integrate source material into writing correctly according to MLA style
    • Read critically and respond analytically to readings in discussion and writing
    • Deliver an oral presentation that is unified and engaging


    Topics Covered:

    • Writing as a process
    • Rhetorical forms
    • Persuasive writing
    • MLA style
    • Research techniques
    • Thesis development
    • Revising and editing skills
    • Giving an effective presentation
    • Critical thinking, reading, and writing skills


    Academic Accommodations

    At Roy C. Ketcham High School, for concurrent enrollment classes, we follow and IEP or 504 accommodations as noted.  If you need accommodative services at DCC next year as an enrolled student, Dutchess Community College makes reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities.  Students requesting accommodations must first register with the Office of Accommodative Services (OAS) to verify their eligibility.  After documentation review and meeting with the student, OAS staff will provide eligible students with accommodation letters for their professors.  Students must obtain a new letter each semester and discuss their accommodation plan with their instructors as soon as possible to ensure timely accommodations.  The Office of Accommodative Services is located in the Orcutt Student Services Building, Room 201, phone number (845) 431-8055.


    Title IX

    Dutchess Community College is committed to maintaining a positive campus climate and will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment including sexual assault, sexual violence, and sexual misconduct.  It is the responsibility and obligation of all members of the College community to report and/or assist others in reporting incidents of sexual harassment.  Please direct all inquiries and reports related to sexual harassment and sexual violence to:

    Title IX Coordinator:       Esther Couret, Director of Human Resources

                                                    Dutchess Community College, Bowne Halle, Room 220

                                                    53 Pendell Road, Poughkeepsie, New York  12601

                                                    (845) 431-8673, esther.couret@sunydutchess.edu



    Required Texts and Materials

    Aaron, Jane E. The Little, Brown Compact Handbook. Seventh Edition. New

    York: Longman, 2010.

    Flachmann, Kim, and Michael Flachmann. The Prose Reader: Essays for

    Thinking, Reading, and Writing. Boston, 2018.

    A notebook, where the paper is perforated so that it may be turned in and folder that are dedicated to DCC English 101.  In addition, we will be studying one novel as a whole class and one in a book group.


    Classroom Rules

    1. Students will be present and punctual. Frequent absences and tardies will adversely affect grades.


    1. Students will enthusiastically engage in class discussion with positive sharing and tact (be kind).


    1. All formal essays will be typed and in accordance to MLA style guidelines (double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman, 1” margins, proper heading, using a header).


    1. All formal essays will also be required to have a Works Cited page also in accordance to MLA style guidelines, this is even true when only one source is used.


    1. All assigned work must be turned in on the day it is due. Anything not submitted on the due date will receive a 0.  Please effectively plan and manage your time.  If you fail to plan you plan to fail.


    1. In case of an absence from class you must submit your work via email on the due date before 2 pm and a hard copy must be submitted on the day you return.


    Grade Determination

    Quizzes, Journals, Homework, and Classwork      25%

    College Essay (1)                                                              10

    Essay 2 (1)                                                                            5

    Short Research paper (1)                                                5

    Group Presentation (1)                                                    5

    Essay 3 (2)                                                                            5

    Essay 4 (2)                                                                            5

    Extended Research paper (2)                                      10

    Group Presentation (2)                                                  10

    Final Exam                                                                          20

    TOTAL                                                                               100%


    Dutchess Community College Grading Breakdown


    • A (100-93); A- (92-90)
    • B+ (89-87); B (86-83); B- (82-80)
    • C+ (79-77); C (76-70)
    • D (69-60); F (59-0)


    You must receive a C or above for
    college credit and a 65 or above for 12th grade credit.


    Tentative Dates for Units of Study

    Week of 9/5 (2 days):

    • Registration forms
    • Syllabus: Aims for the course
    • Review summer reading District-wide assignment (my recommendations)

    Week of 9/9:

    • 1-3, Thinking, Reading, and Writing Critically
    • Answer questions: Who are you as a Reader? Who are you as a Writer?
    • 4, Description, Respond to photo
    • Read Brooks’ article, “We Have Ruined Childhood”
    • What do you notice? What makes you say that?  Why is that important?  Make connections.

    Week of 9/16:

    • 5, Narration
    • Begin College Essay Inventory, What is your plan? What schools are you applying to?  Specific questions/prompts, Common Application?
    • What story do you have to tell?
    • What story would you like your life to tell?

    Week of 9/23:

    • Begin work on non-fiction title, Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer
    • Summer reading assessment, you may consider bringing the book to class (strongly recommend)

    Week of 9/30 (4):

    • College Essay conferences
    • College Essay, Turn in Best Draft on 10/4

    Week of 10/7 (4):

    • 6 Example
    • Essay 2

    Week of 10/14 (4):

    • 7 Process Analysis
    • Begin work on Short Research Paper, connection to Into Thin Air

    Week of 10/21:

    • Into Thin Air, TEST (Journal Notes included in grade)
    • Continue work on Short Research Paper, Draft due on Friday, 10/25

    Week of 10/28:

    • 8 Division/Classification
    • Newkirk’s Habits of Mind
    • Writing from Infographics
    • Writing Reviews
    • Digital Movie with a partner
    • Short Research Paper, Turn in Best Draft on 11/1

    Week of 11/4 (4):

    • Continue work on Infographics, Reviews and Digital Movie
    • Sharing of Digital Movie, Group Presentation on 11/8

    Week of 11/11 (4):

    • 9 Comparison/Contrast

    Week of 11/18:

    • 10 Definition (Essay 3, due 11/22)

    Week of 11/25 (2):

    • 11 Cause/Effect

    Week of 12/2:

    • 11 Cause/Effect, continued (Essay 4, due 12/6)

    Week of 12/9:

    • 12 Argument and Persuasion

    Week of 12/16:

    • 12 Argument and Persuasion
    • Turn in Best Draft of Argument (Extended Research Paper)

    Week of 1/2 (2):

    • 13 Writing in Different Genres
    • Multi-Genre Research Project introduction and work (Group Presentation)

    Week of 1/6:

    • Continue work on Multi-Genre Research Project

    Week of 1/13:

    • Multi-Genre Research Project Presentations, include a digital genre (2 days)
    • FINAL EXAM FOR 101 (3 days)