• Ms. Amanda Goodman


    Elementary General Music Syllabus


    Course Description

                Areas of Study:  Reference the WCSD grade outcomes

                Assessment:  Reference the WCSD grade outcomes


    Class expectations and procedures:

    Students will follow the following rules in music class:

    1. Enter quietly and go to your spot
    2. Sit quietly, ready to learn and ready to sing.
    3. Raise your hand to speak
    4. Honor your neighbor’s personal space (keep hands/feet to yourself)
    5. Try new things with a positive attitude
    6. Respect your teacher and classmates
    7. Treat all instruments and materials with respect. 


    Activities/projects unique to this class: 

     We will sing, and perform rhythms and melodies in music class, sometimes as a class, sometimes in small groups, and sometimes individually


    Recommended/required materials for class:

                Students in grades 3 - 6 are asked to have a folder and pencil in music class. 


    Grading Procedures

                The music grade represents a composite of the student’s achievement and performance in daily assignments and assessments. The grade may be derived from objective and subjective teacher evaluations and observations, including the student’s demonstrations of criteria-based skills and techniques in performance, district-wide assessments, and home assignments.


    Teacher Contact Information:

    Amanda Goodman