• Earn weekly BONUS POINTS during Quarters 1, 2, 3 & 4!!

    During each Quarter (following the first iReady math diagnostic), students are encouraged to earn  EXTRA-CREDIT POINTS WEEKLY, by logging onto their iReady accounts and completing the math assignments.  There will be a cap at a total of 20 bonus points for each quarter (10 points per each half of the quarter). *PLEASE KNOW: Receving a zero for a week of iReady will NOT affect a student's average....averages will only be enhanced by earning the points!  Do NOT panic, if a zero is on the grade sheet under the iReady slot!*


    Here's how: 

    Each week, students may log onto iReady (instructions are below), and complete up to 30-minutes of math exercises.  At the end of the week, a system report will tell me how much time each student has spent on the lessons.

    Username: Capital 1st initial ID Number Capital last initial
    Example: A1234567B

    Password: is either the same as your username or Wappingers with a capital 'W'
    State:  Select "New York."
    Click:  Math

    Bonus points for this work will be based on the amount of weekly time spent on the program:

    * 28-30 minutes:  5 bonus points

    * 25-27 minutes:  4 bonus points

    * 22-24 minutes:  3 bonus points

    * 19-23 minutes:  2 bonus points

    * 15-18 minutes:  1 bonus point

    **During the weeks of our diagnostic iReady testing, the bonus opportunity will be suspended until the conclusion of the testing.**


    NOTE: Some lessons may only take a few minutes, while others can take an hour. Work may be stopped in the middle of a lesson and returned to later. However, the system will “flag” students if they log on and simply let the system run, without doing any work.  Additionally, be aware:  i-Ready will automatically track the time that you've spent on the lessons... not games or quizzes.


    The iReady computer program is an excellent method for reviewing and improving math skills.  

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!