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    Business Ownership




    This is a 1-unit course designed to gvie students an understanding of running a small business.  Students will create visual displays and the course wil culminate with the creation of a business plan for a themed restaurant.  Most of the course work will consists of projects.  Many of thses projects will be completed in groups.  Some projects may also require a presentation as a group.  "Shark Tank" is also an important component of this course!  Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all tmes.  Professionalism includes respect, cooperation with and patience for their fellow students along with their teacher.


    Topics Covered:


    Should you become an entrepreneur?

    What skills do entrepreneur need?

    Entrepreneurs in a market economy

    Types of Ownership

    Develop a Business Plan

    Identify and meet market needs

    Finance, protect and insure your business

    Choose your location and set up your business

    Market your business

    Hire and manage a staff

    Record keeping and accounting

    Financial and legal concerns

    Growing a business



    80% for Projects/Tests/Quizzes

    10% for Homework

    10% for Class Participation


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