• English 12AP 2019 Summer Reading Assignment

    Mr. Briskey (RCK)


    In order to prepare for our journey into college level thought and writing, students are required to complete two warm-up readings. Since much of this course is going to focus on the social and political context of fiction, poetry, and drama, students will be required to read one piece of fiction and one reference book during the summer.

    Although the assignments for these books will not be due until the third week of school, we will begin the year with other assignments and readings. It is highly recommended that students read their books before the year begins to ensure that they do not get overwhelmed with work. 

    Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte (this is available free online in a pdf format or you can sign one out through Mr. Briskey in the English office).  

    How to Read Literature Like a Professor, Thomas Foster (must be purchased).

    Foster’s text is an irreverent, but invaluable, introduction to the themes and connections that all pieces of literature have with one another.  It will provide valuable insight into the deeper meaning of all the texts we read in the upcoming year. Upon completing the required books, students will be asked to write an essay that addresses a central concern of Jane Eyre through one of Foster’s lenses.  Students will also take a multiple choice AP test on Jane Eyre.   

    Important: Although you are not required to take notes on any of these books, it will be enormously helpful to take some kind of organized notes during your reading in order to facilitate discussion with your group, to provide a resource for study before the test, and to ensure that you remember details that will be helpful for the essay. Better yet, read with a stack of sticky notes in your hand!

    Please think very carefully about your commitment to the AP English program. By its very nature, AP English involves heavy doses of reading and writing. There are times in the class when the workload is very light, and other times where it is exceptionally heavy.  I will cut back the workload during the AP exams to reduce stress.


    Plagiarized work will receive a zero which will seriously harm your grade in this class and jeopardize your membership in the National Honor Society.  


    I am looking forward to working with you next year and sincerely hope that you have a wonderful summer and that you enjoy the summer reading. If you have any questions about the above assignments, please feel free to contact me as I check my school email almost every day.