• Magazine Project

    Using Nonfiction Text Structures & Features


    Topic: ________________________________________________ 


    Requirements and expectations:

    • Develop a topic that has existing research and can be studied/researched online.
    • Break your topic into three (3) articles which pertain to your topic.
      • Assign a partner to work on each article.
      • Each article must be a different text structure and must use the appropriate clue words for that structure. Do NOT repeat a text structure.
    • Research your article topic using scholarly articles online or other informational text pieces that are credible and reliable. You must use at least TWO.
    • Write the articles, based on the research you’ve conducted. Each article must:
      • include a hook.
      • be written with proper grammar and punctuation.
      • include a variety of interesting facts, statistics, and quotes.
      • give credit to sources.
      • be factual, informative, creative, and well-developed.
    • All photos that you choose must be relevant & eye catching.
    • It needs to be apparent that you put forth adequate time, effort, and creativity into this project. Use the template to guide you through the process.
    • There will be a graded partner evaluation at the end of the project.



    Text Features Expectations: 

    Each article must include the following:

    • _____ TWO photos (use Google Image, if you like)
    • _____ ONE of the following: diagram, map, timeline or chart
    • _____ captions for each graphic text feature
    • _____ TWO types of print (bold, italics, color)
    • _____ HIGHLIGHTED clue words for text structure
    • _____ ONE sidebar (textbox) with a “fun” fact about the article topic