• April 1, 2020

    Dear students, parents, and guardians,

    I am excited to put together our new online community. Everything we do together as a class will be posted on Google Classroom. I will set the agenda for each week on Monday mornings, no later than noon, with the expectation that any work posted will be turned in by the following week. 

    Please know that Google Classroom can be accessed on cell phones and iPods as well as laptops and other computers. I put together a quick survey to find out how students will access this website, how often they can get online, their thoughts about using interactive technology for school, and what times of day might work best for live office hours or video chats. I would appreciate getting those forms filled out by Monday, April 6.

    In order to prevent anyone from feeling overwhelmed, students will not be assigned any work that will take them more than two hours per week. Since our class was in the middle of working on an assignment before school ended, the first assignments I post will give students a variety of options to wrap that up in the most creative way possible. 

    I am still exploring all of the capabilities of Google Classroom, so I appreciate your patience in the weeks to come. I will do my best to provide engaging materials and instruction during these next few weeks. 

    Please be in touch if there are any problems accessing the internet to complete assignments. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have during these difficult times.

    Warmest Regards,

    Tanya Clifton

    (English Teacher)

    Here's a link to the Google Form: Survey