The purpose of the Resource Room is to assist students in having a successful high school experience by providing additional instruction and reinforcement of concepts taught in the student's classes. In addition, teachers work with students on an individual and group basis following IEP goals to improve skills in areas needing remediation, as well as assisting students with assignments and study skills.

    Evaluation of Resource Room progress will be based on attendance, work habits and social interactions, and will be designated a score of PASS or FAIL on the student's ten week report card. In addition, IEP progress report updates will be completed.

    A successful school experience requires active student participation and cooperation. Regular school and class attendance are essential for positive school achievement. In fact, poor attendance is the number one predictor of academic failure. We ask all parents and guardians to help ensure that your students attend school on a regular basis. Class cuts will be referred to an administrator as per school policy. Cell phones are not to be used in any way, as they further distract from the learning environment. If their use becomes an issue, this will be dealt with by the administration.

    In addition, students are expected to:

    *Respect other students and teachers. No put downs, threats, or foul language. In turn, each student can expect to be treated with respect.

    *Be on time for class.

    *Come prepared to work each day. Bring writing utensils, notebooks, chromebooks, any other necessary materials, and a willingness to work.

    *Keep all notes/classwork organized in a notebook.

    My goal is for each student to have a successful and enjoyable school year. This Resource Room class can be a valuable asset to a student's educational program. I hope you will encourage your child to use this class wisely.