• Course description: Italian 1 will teach the students the basic elements of the Italian language and culture.  Through interactive lessons using everyday vocabulary, students will begin to speak, read, write and understand spoken Italian.  Students will engage in a variety of activities to foster a better understanding of the language and culture. 

    Learning objectives:  The student will be able to:

    Recognize the meaning of Italian vocabulary terms relating to everyday life.

    Conjugate present tense verbs.

    Speak in simple sentences.

    Learn basic grammar.

    Ask and respond to questions

    Conduct simple dialogues.

    Write simple sentences to form ideas about topics.

    Listen to either native speakers or teacher in the Italian language for understanding.

    Read passages and answer questions for comprehension.

    Areas of study:

    Introduction, Personal identification, House and Home, Family life, Community and Neighborhood, Shopping, Meal taking, food and drink, travel, Sport and Leisure & Physical Environment

    Grammatical structures:

    present tense verbs (regular & irregular)

    articles (indefinite & definite)

    agreement of adjectives

    Students who need to pass this class as a foreign language requirement, needs to not only pass test, but also the class.