Resource Room- Please see your teachers' webpages and Google Classrooms and work on your assignments as directed.  If you are in need of help, contact me anytime. I will be checking in with you frequently through Google Classroom or email. Be well.

    Mrs. Parsons



    Resource Room is designed to develop, strengthen, and improve skills for positive academic performance and achievement.  Through content area course work, pre- and post- teaching, cognitive learning strategies are taught which focus on comprehension and memory skills, organizational and study skills, test taking, and the enhancements of written expression.  Self-advocacy skills and transitional planning are also part of the instructional program.  Students' progress is monitored and reviewed throughout the year. 


    Resource Room Goals:

    ·        To assist the students in becoming independent and successful

    ·        To monitor the students’ progress and assist the in completing all courses of study

    ·        To maintain communication with the student, parents, teachers, guidance counselors and other staff involved with the education of the student

    ·        To introduce and develop skills needed for learning


    Resource Room Components:

    ·        Planning and Goal Setting

    ·        Setting Priorities and Time Management

    ·        Organization

    ·        Monitoring, Self-Assessment, Advocacy

    ·        Storing and Remembering Information/Test-Taking

    ·        Transitional planning 


    It is expected that students will come to class prepared with the materials needed for Resource Room. Locker passes will only be issued in emergencies. Students are expected to maintain a "planner", or another organizational method to keep track of assignments, projects, and tests/quizzes.  


    All Resource Room students will be graded on Participation/Productivity. No Numbers grades are given.  


    In order to be successful in Resource Room, students should:

    1. Utilize time wisely.

    2. Follow classroom rules.

    3. Ask for help if needed.   

     Email : sabrina.parsons@wcsdny.org * Best way to reach me*     
                                      Phone : 845-298-5200  (WJHS)
                                                                                           Daily Schedule
                                                                                                     Period 1 Resource Room 
                                                                                                     Period 2 Reading
                                                                                                     Period 4 Resource Room
                                                                                                     Period 5 Cafe Duty
                                                                                                     Period 6 Resource Room
                                                                                                     Period 8 Resource Room