• August 2019


    Dear John Jay Students and Community:

    I hope this letter finds you well and relaxed and ready to start a new school year at John Jay High School.  Our entire staff has been working hard this summer to prepare the building for you so that you can have a great educational experience in a clean and safe environment that begins on Thursday, September 5, 2019.   

    Many of our capital improvement projects are well under way and are anticipated to be completed by the start of the school year. Those projects include a newly renovated auditorium, a newly renovated bathroom located near the auditorium and a new security vestibule located at the main entrance upon arrival. In addition to capital improvement projects, there has been logistical changes to counselors and support staff. Please take the time to locate your counselor and any additional support you may seek prior to the start of the school year. Along with these changes, we have also shifted homeroom from 3rd period to the beginning of 1st period. For all delay schedules, please visit our website. Please note that a change in the bell schedule does not extend or shorten the school day. All communication that is read on the morning announcements is accessible through email and Blackboard. If you are not signed up for either, please contact our main office for additional information and help. The new bell schedule for regular days will be as follows:

    2019-20 Bell Schedule

    Bus Drop Off  7:25 am

    Period 1

    7:31 AM (homeroom 7:31-7:35)

    8:21 AM

    Period 2

    8:26 AM

    9:12 AM

    Period 3

    9:17 AM

    10:03 AM

    Period 4

    10:08 AM

    10:54 AM

    Period 5

    10:59 AM

    11:45 AM

    Period 6

    11:50 AM

    12:36 PM

    Period 7

    12:41 PM

    1:27 PM

    Period 8

    1:32 PM

    2:18 PM

    Buses Depart 2:25 pm

    I am proud of the strong foundation and the tradition of excellence that exists at John Jay High School and look to continue to further enrich all of our students’ experiences.  High academic achievement is our primary focus and we will continue to provide academic course offerings with the highest level of rigor which require our students to think critically and creatively. We have recently been acknowledged from U.S. News and Report as one of the Top High Schools in the nation and have received “Recognition” school status from the Department of Education. In addition to these accolades, we are committed to providing a safe school environment that is conducive to allow for maximum student learning and engagement.

    We are proud to provide the opportunity for our students to become involved in our many school clubs and organizations. Research indicates that those students that are involved in school activities tend to perform better academically.  Late buses will continue to be available to provide students with expanded opportunities for academic assistance as well as participation in after school activities. 

    Class cohorts are as follows and are based on the student’s last name:

    CLASS OF 2023 – 9th Grade Administrator – TBA (ext. 30020)

                                         School Counselors: S. deSimone (A-Man), and M. Wells (Mao-Z)

    CLASS OF 2022 – 10th Grade Administrator – W. Castro (ext. 30043)

                                        School Counselors: S. Morales (A-McH) and J. Frangione (McK-Z)

    CLASS OF 2021 – 11th Grade Administrator – P. Albanese (ext. 30082)

                                        School Counselors: S. Marshall (A-Ho) and N. Kunkel (Hu-Z)

    CLASS OF 2020 – 12th Grade Administrator – E. Reilly (ext. 30051)

                                        School Counselors: H. Daley (A-Ko) and A. Loscalzo (Kr-Z)

    Prompt and regular communication between school and home is a key ingredient for the continued successes of each and every student. I would ask that all issues during the school year go through the appropriate channels in order to ensure proper communication and a timely response to issues as they arise.  For all scheduling questions and teacher concerns, please contact your child’s guidance counselor.  For questions on assignments or grades, please contact the teacher directly.  For questions regarding other matters, please contact the main office where they will be able to navigate you to the appropriate person.

    For security purposes we ask that all students carry their ID’s with them at all times.  Grades 10 through 12 will receive their ID’s during the first two weeks of school.  Incoming freshmen will be issued an ID bearing an 8th grade photo at Freshman Orientation.  These will be upgraded with a current photo as soon as possible. Newcomers to John Jay will take photos in September and these will be processed and distributed as soon as possible.                                                                                                                        

    I would ask you NOT to drop your child off at the plaza across the street in the morning before school and also, encourage them not to stay after school unless they are participating in academic extra help, club/activity or sportPlease note that for the school year 2019-2020 there will be late buses, however, space is limited and students requesting to take the late bus must obtain a pass from their teacher, advisor or coach if they would like to utilize this service.      

    If you need to contact your child during school hours, please feel free to call the Main Office (ext. 30000) and they will be happy to assist you.  Students should not be interrupted from instruction unless the matter is urgent.  I ask that you not interrupt instruction by trying to reach your child via their cell phone. 

    Please know that you are always welcome to visit the school.  For everyone’s convenience please make arrangements in advance of a visit by contacting the appropriate person or persons you wish to meet.  This will ensure that the person is available to you.   Please be prepared for a school visit by having appropriate photo ID.   For security reasons, all visitors must present a photo ID, document their destination and receive a visitor’s pass at the front desk in the main lobby.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


    Each morning, upwards of 1,000 vehicles travel to the John Jay High School campus. There WILL be traffic slowdowns on Route 52 and/or on campus and it will be necessary to plan accordingly. It is always suggested for students to utilize district transportation as it is statistically safer and can better ensure on time arrival. If parents and students choose not to use district transportation, the student drop-off is located in the back of our campus just opposite the Soccer Field. We ask that parents follow the directions of safety officers and road signs leading to the drop off loop. It is important that the full path to the drop off loop is followed and that drivers are not making illegal/dangerous U turns at any point as this will compromise the safety of the John Jay Community. Parents who are dropping off students are not permitted to enter the student/faculty/staff parking lot closest to Route 52 during morning arrival. During arrival and dismissal, only school buses are permitted to access the bus stall area in front of the building. At the end of the school day parents will be permitted to enter the student/faculty/staff parking lot closest to Route 52 for the purposes of picking up their children. Please make arrangements in advance so that your child is aware of where you will be meeting them.

    School Safety

    The safety of all who learn and work at John Jay is important. Throughout the year, we will be conducting a number of drills to ensure that all students, faculty and staff know how to react in the event of an emergency. The date of the first lockdown drill will be announced to faculty and staff.  Parents will be notified at the moment it has begun and again when the drill has concluded. However, dates of subsequent lockdown drills WILL NOT be announced in advance.  This will be necessary to adequately prepare our students and staff for any circumstances that may occur during an actual school emergency.  All students, faculty and staff will be made familiar with all emergency procedures in the beginning of the school year and periodically throughout.  We have approximately 230 adults who work at John Jay each day including, 5 administrators, 4 school safety officers, 1 police officer, student support staff, and more. All of these adults are here to support our students’ academic, social, emotional, and physical well-being throughout their time here at John Jay.

    Parent Portal

    Parent Portal is the district’s way of providing parents and guardians with secure online access to information about their children such as: emergency contacts, daily attendance, course schedules, progress reports, report card grades and NYS Regents exam scores.  Access to Parent Portal is restricted to those parents and guardians that have been cleared through an id verification process. 

    Important upcoming dates: 

    • Freshman Orientation, Thursday, August 29th….for more information, please visit our JJ webpage….
    • Open House, Thursday, October 3rd at 7p.m. ….more information to follow….

    In closing, I look forward to working together with the entire John Jay community to ensure that the 2019-2020 school year is productive and rewarding for all.

    Sincerely yours,



    Mr. David Kedzielawa