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    Business Law - Mrs. Linda Cabral Marrero

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    Students and Parents/Guardians:

    The goal of this class is to give students an understanding and respect for our laws.  It will also assist them in understanding the important role laws play in their personal and business lives.  Different aspects of contract law will be explored, including its relation to employment and customers.  Students will also learn how contracts are related to family and personal matters. Types of business ownership and negotiable instruments will also be discussed.  Lastly, students will be made aware of how law affects retirement and their estates.  Students will participate in debates and a field trip may be planned.


    Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.  Professionalism includes respect, cooperation with and patience for their fellow students along with their teacher.  


    The rules of this class are simple and straightforward.

    1. Always come to class prepared and bring all necessary supplies.  Have an open mind and good attitude;
    2. Be on time and be seated when the bell rings, ready to begin class;
    3. Be professional!
    4. Listen carefully and follow directions;
    5. Raise your hand if you have a question or concern, only one person can speak at a time.  
    6. Be polite and no inappropriate language will be tolerated.


    Step 1:  Verbal warning;****

    Step 2: Students will be required to discuss problem with the teacher.

    Step 3:  Parent/Guardian will be contacted and student will receive a referral slip.

    Step 4:  Administrative involvement including meeting with parent/guardian.

    ****  PLEASE do NOT allow the consequences to go beyond Step 1.

    Extra Help:

    Help is available.  Please make arrangements with the teacher based on availability.  Every effort will be made to accommodate the students and their needs.


    Text:  Understanding Business and Personal Law   Glencoe Publishers

    One binder or folder to hold handouts.



    Homework is expected to be neat and completed.  If it proves difficult it must be at least attempt.  All homework will be reviewed in class.


    80% for Test and Quizzes

    10% for Homework

    10% for Class Participation

    Looking forward to a fun and productive year!

    Parent/Guardian comments or concerns are important and are welcomed at all times.  Your cooperation is appreciated.  Please complete the following information and return.  

    Student name (print):  __________________________________________________

    Student Signature _____________________________________________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________________________

    Phone Number ________________________________________________________

    Business Law - Mrs. Linda Cabral Marrero

    Course Outline

    Textbook:  Understanding Business and Personal Law, Glencoe

    Topics will include the following:

    • Ethics and the Law
    • The Court System
    • Criminal Law
    • The Law of Torts
    • How Contracts Arise
    • Genuine Agreement
    • Contractractual Capacity
    • Consideration
    • Legality
    • Form of a Contract
    • Contracts for the Sale of Goods
    • Consumer Protection and Product Liability
    • Owning a Vehicle
    • Personal Property and Bailments
    • Borrowing Money and Buying on Credit
    • Negotiable Instruments
    • Transferring Negotiable Instruments
    • Sole Proprietorship and Partnership
    • Forming and Financing a Corporation
    • Marriage
    • Divorce and its Legal Consequences
    • Renting a Place to Live
    • Buying a Home
    • Insurance Protection
    • Retirement and Wills