• In the event of a delay or closing the school web pages will display an alert message.
    Update your Blackboard Connect contact preference profile to receive either email or text message alerts when there is a closing or delay or download our app to receive alerts on your mobile device. 

    To download the Blackboard Connect Mobile App use your Apple or Android device:

    1. Click on Apple App Store to download for an iPhone or click on Google Play to download for an Android device.
    2. Search for Wappingers Central School District and download the Wappingers Central School District app.
    3. Launch the app to see shortcuts to frequently asked questions.

    (Please note: Blackboard Connect is not the same as Parent Portal. Blackboard Connect is the District's mass notification system and mobile app with links to our website and notifications.  Parent Portal allows parents to view their child's attendance and grades.)


    Staff Emergency Dismissal Guidelines
    Staff Emergency Closing Codes
    Arrival & Departure Tim

    Related sites
    See area delays and cancellations on Cancellations.com
    Check the weather with the National Weather Service
    "Give Back" Days for 2022-23
    If fewer than 4 emergency days are used the following days will count as non-instructional days:
    0 Snow days used, give back days are: April 11, May 25, May 26, May 30
    1 Snow day used, give back day are: April 11, May 26, May 30
    2 Snow days used, give back days are: May 26, May 30
    3 Snow days used, then give back day is: May 30
    If more than 4 emergency days are used, the make-up days will be as follows:
    1st day: April 10
    2nd day: April 3
    3rd day: April 4
    4th day: April 5
    In the Event of Inclement Weather
    If there is a school cancellation or delayed opening due to inclement weather, your appointment will automatically be canceled, and you will need to call to reschedule. Information on cancellations or delays will be announced on the following local radio stations beginning at 6:00 a.m.
     Radio Stations
     WBNR – 1260 AM   WRWD – FM 107.3 
     WCZX – FM 97.7   WSPK – FM 104.7 
     WHUD – FM 100.7   WPDH – FM 101.5 
     WRNQ – FM 92.1   WEOK – 1390 AM 
     WKIP – 1450 AM   WGNY – 1200 AM