• 2017-2018 8th Grade English

    Syllabus and Expectations

    Mr. Vallo


    Over the course of this year, my goal for each student is to grow both in and out of the classroom.  We will work on becoming better readers, writers, thinkers, and people in general.  Overall we will build skills that will help                 

    at the next level and outside of the school setting.


    Expectations in the Classroom

    All students are to meet the following expectations::

    • On time and prepared with the required materials for class
    • Respectful of all individuals in the room (staff or peers)
    • Have a positive and supportive attitude about learning
    • Active and engaged in class discussions, group work, or individual work
    • Follow the school rules as laid out in the handbook and code of conduct


    Technology Policy

    All cellphones and other devices are to be turned off and put away.  At certain times in class there will be opportunities to use cell phones/earbuds and I will let you know in advance.  If I do not say they can be used, they are not allowed out!


    Grades/ Assignments

    Throughout the year it is my goal to create a wide variety of assignments that give each student the best chance to display their knowledge and abilities.  Everything we do in class or for homework will be graded in some way or another.  There is no assignment that is pointless! Participation is an everyday grade. Students are expected to be engaged in the class period.

    • Tests and Quizzes- 40%
    • Classwork- 20%
    • Writing/ Projects- 20%
    • Homework- 10%
    • Participation- 10%

    *All missed work should be made up by the student.  It is the student’s responsibility to find out what they missed and to complete the work on their time!


    *Any late assignments will result in a loss of points.  The later an assignment is turned in, the greater the number of points deducted will be.


    Required Materials

    1. A three ring binder with dividers (to be organized into sections)
    2. Loose-leaf paper (kept in binder)
    3. Marble notebook (journaling)
    4. Pens to write with (blue or black only!)


    Extra Help

    If at any point you are struggling, please do not hesitate to seek extra help.  I am available nearly every day before or after school.  Tell me in advance and I will find a time that works for you.  I am here to make sure you succeed this year!