Welcome to Algebra 1A!

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    Course Syllabus

    Assignments & Daily Activites 

    Friday, November 17 

    Test on all inequalities

    Thursday, November 16 

    Review for Test
    ** Study for test Tomorrow on all Inequalities!!

    Wednesday, November 15

    Classwork Practice Sheet 
    ** Study for test Friday on all Inequalities!!

    Tuesday, November 14

     Student Workbook Page 51-52
     ** Study for test Friday on all Inequalities!!

    Monday, November 13

     Notes on Compound Inequalities


    Friday, November 10 

    VETERAN'S DAY (No school) 

    Thursday, November 9 

    Finish Compound Inequalities

    Wednesday, November 8 

    Compound Inequality Notes

    Tuesday, November 7

    SUPT. CONF. DAY (No School)

    Monday, November 6

     Finish Extra Credit Coloring Activity


    Friday, November 3

    Solving Inequalities coloring activity

    (extra credit if finished during class or at home)

    Thursday, November 2

    Graded Classwork - One Step Inequalities

    Kuta - One-Step Inequalities

    Wednesday, November 1

    Solving Inequalities with Multiplication/Division
    (Textbook Chapter 2, Lesson 3)

    Tuesday, October 31

    Solving Inequalities with Addition/Subtraction
    (Textbook Chapter 2, Lesson 2)

    Monday, October 30

     Writing and Graphing Inequalities

     (Textbook Chapter 2, Lesson 1)


    Friday, September 29

    Solving Equations by CLT & Distributing

    Thursday, September 28

    Solving Equations by Combining Like Terms

    Graded Classwork: CLT Equations worksheet

    Wednesday, September 27

    Notes on Distributing then Combining Like Terms

    Homework: CLT - Kuta WS (Even Numbers)

    Tuesday, September 26

    Finish Notes on Combining Like Terms

    Homework: CLT - Kuta WS (Odd Numbers ONLY)

    Monday, September 25

    Create Solving Equations cheat sheet

    Start Combining Like Terms


    Friday, September 22

    QUIZ - OneStep and TwoStep Equations

    Thursday, September 21


    Wednesday, September 20

    Continue to practice solving equations

    Quiz postponed until Friday

    Homework: STUDY!!

    Tuesday, September 19

    Go over the homework

    Review for quiz

    Afterschool help will be provided in Room 287

    Monday, September 18

    Continue Multi Step Equations

    Homework: workbook page 10


    Friday, September 15

    Begin Multi Step Equations


    Thursday, September 14

    Review of Commutative, Associative, Distributive Properties

    Wednesday, September 13

    Graded Classwork - One Step Equations


    Tuesday, September 12

    Finish Notes 

    Homework: Workbook Page 6

    Monday, September 11

    Notes - One Step Equations


    Friday, September 8

    Review - Basic Math Operations

    Workbook Page 1

    Thursday, September 7


    1) Get syllabus siged by parent/guardian

    2) Get together materials for class

         a) Three ring binder with loose-leaf paper OR notebook  (for taking notes off the board)

         b) Writing utensils  (Preferably PENCILS!!!)

         c) A folder for handouts if you do not use a three ring binder

    Wednesday, September 6

    Welcome back! Review syllabus in class and talk about expectations.