• Music Calendar Of Events 19-20



    22     TUE   Pumpkin Pops 7:00pm (all)$



    8-10        FRI-SUN   Proscenium Fall Production

    22-23    FRI-SAT    Area All-State Festival @ Hudson High School



    5-8          TH-SUN   NYSSMA All-State Festival @ Rochester

    12             THURS Scholarship Benefit Concert 7:00pm (all) $

    13 FRI Snowdate Scholarship Benefit Concert 7:00pm (all)$



    24-25    FRI-SAT Junior High All-County @JJHS

    31 FRI Snowdate Junior High All-County @ JJHS



    1       SAT   Snowdate Junior High All-County @ JJHS

    19           WED      Wind Fest Rehearsal @ JJ 7:00pm (SB)

    20           THURS     Wind Fest Concert @ JJ 7:00pm (SB)



    12 THURS Spaghetti Dinner

    20-22 TH-SUN JJ Proscenium Spring Production

    31            TUE       Band South Pyramid Concert @JJ 7:00pm (9B, CB, SB)


    2          TH       Orchestra South Pyramid Concert @JJ 7:00pm (SO,CO)

    28     TUE Choral Majors Festival @ George Fischer Middle School, Carmel 29-30 WED-TH NYSSMA Instrumental Majors @George Fischer M., Carmel,NY

     30 THUR - Choral South Pyramid Concert @JJ 7:00pm

    This is a change from original date of 4/1/20



    1-2           FRI-SAT      NYSSMA Solo Festival and Jazz @ Arlington HS 

    8-9 FRI-SAT NYSSMA Solo Festival @ JJHS

    16            SAT         Festival of the Arts @ Messier Park

    28             THURS Night of Jazz @ WJHS 6:00pm



    3             WED          JJ Ninth Grade Band 7:00pm

    9           TUE         JJ Orchestra Senior Soiree 7:00pm

    10 WED JJ Band Senior Soiree 7:00pm

    11 TH JJ Choral Concert 7:00pm

    26 FRI **JJ Graduation 4:00pm (ALL SB members)