• English 9 Rules for Classroom and Grading Policy 2017-2018

    Ms. Ash

    Name: _______________________________________



    You must attend class to succeed!   Our lessons build upon each day’s work, so missed lessons need to be made up immediately.  You must notify the guidance office for homework requests, and you are responsible for missed homework, quizzes, tests, and readings, which are due upon your return to class.  Other arrangements must be made through parent/teacher contact!


    Class begins at the late bell.  You are expected to be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.  Lunch detention will be assigned for five late arrivals.  If you come in at the late bell, that is counted as a late.  Parents will be notified after one or two latenesses.


    Cuts go right to the administrator along with a referral and phone call home.  Don’t cut, it is a recipe for failure.  If you cut the day of a test, you will earn a zero along with the consequence listed above.  


    Parents will be notified for positive and negative behaviors!  I send global emails and notes to parents often.  Appreciate your parents as a resource of support!  I do!



    I assign short and long assignments.  Naturally, the more involved the assignment, the more weight it will carry.  Assignments are to be completed.  If the assignment is late, your grade will be affected.  Writing assignments and projects are 35% of your grade, so I will contact both you and your parents in hopes of getting you on track.


    The classroom is your place to learn, to have fun, and to be safe.  Please turn back a signed contract that we put together in class. It needs to be signed by you and by your parent or guardian.  We put it together as a body of learners, and the expectations are for all to follow!  Cooperation is a key element!


    You earn your grades, and behavior plays a role.  Show what you know, and be all that you can be!

    Participation/Preparation: 10%

    Homework: 10%

    Quizzes: 20%

    Tests: 25%

    Writing/Projects: 35%


    Please know that I stay after school at least once a week, and I will be glad to stay with anyone who needs extra help or anyone who wants a quiet place to read/write.  Speak to me and we will arrange a convenient time!

    You can email me:  edith.ash@wcsdny.org

    This address will give you access to teacher response and to homework assignments.  Please use Google Classroom to access the same! Please drop me a note at the beginning or at the end of class if you need to talk about something, or with any questions…I look forward to working with you!  Ms. Ash